The Advantages of Buying and Owning a Subaru

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Are you looking for a long-lasting and dependable vehicle? Have you considered visiting some local Subaru dealers? Although due to recent popularity, Subarus can run a little pricy if you purchase them new, used Subaru dealers can often offer you a great bargain on a fantastic car.
History of the Subaru
Subaru is manufactured by the Japanese transportation conglomerate called Fuji Heavy Industries (or FHI). In 2011, they boasted being the 26th biggest auto-manufacturer (based on production) in the whole world.
The CEO named the Subaru line after the Pleiades star cluster, a Japanese name he cherished. This name inspired the Subaru logo–the six stars in a cluster. The first car was named the Subaru 1500.
Why A Subaru?
Subaru car dealers will tell you its one of the most popular cars out there currently. The Subaru Forester in particular, has been seen more and more, thanks to its ease in handling in snow, safety ratings, and all wheel drive feature. Subarus have become a “family car,” with good trunk room, practical layouts, and comfortable seatings. Recent models have incorporated Bluetooth, satellite and HD Radio, GPS navigation and plugs for iPhones or iPods to stream music from. It was 2014s SUV of the Year and according to Kelley’s Blue Book, Subarus have the best resale value of all car brands in 2015. It’s not unheard of for Subarus to still dependably be on the road at 100,000 miles or more. Indeed, the Subaru website claims that 95% of Subarus that were sold in the last 10 years are still running on the road today! The value of purchasing from used Subaru dealers can be immense, especially if you’re looking for your first car.
Benefits of Subarus
Naturally, safety comes first. Every year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) runs safety tests on new models of cars. They awarded Subaru with more 2014 Top Safety Picks than any other car model. In fact, in the last five years (2010-2014), Subaru has been the only manufacturer that IIHS has awarded Top Safety Picks to for ALL their models. Subaru has also pushed hard for environmental initiatives and tried to reduce their own footprint. Indeed, Subaru has a 97.3% recycling ratio rate for vehicles that are scrapped, thanks to their use of highly recyclable materials all over the car. Since 2004, they’ve built their vehicles in “zero-landfill plants,” which turn waste into electricity or recycles their waste. They’ve also taken steps to create vehicles that produce fewer emissions into the environment.
If you’re looking for your first car, a new car, or a family friendly car, be sure to stop by your local Subaru car dealers or used Subaru dealers to pick up a reliable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly car.

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