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Taking A Look At What To Consider When Buying A Car

From genesis coupe lowering springs to steering wheels for genesis coupe to other such vehicle interior and exterior components, there’s more that goes into caring for a car or other such motor vehicle than many people at first realize. But owning a car is something that’s become increasingly common here […]

September 19, 20180 commentsRead More

5 Steps for Finding the Right Used Car

If you’re looking for a used car, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, statistics show that an estimated 40 million used cars exchange owners each year. Used cars are wise purchases for those looking to save money on a vehicle. That being said, this process can make anyone feel more […]

September 13, 20180 commentsRead More

Understanding Your Car’s Paint Job

If you have a scratch or Nick on your car it may have caused you to wonder about the different types of paint we use to color our cars. Depending on the damage your car has sustained you could get away with grabbing some Mazda touch up paint or some […]

August 28, 20180 commentsRead More

The Best Used Cars in Every Category

Americans buy an enormous number of cars, yet our cars are becoming more reliable. The average age of the car on the road today is over 11.5 years and used cars make up three out of every four car sales. By the time you buy a car use, it’s had […]

August 16, 20180 commentsRead More

So You Own A Car – Now What?

If you own a car, then you already know the huge importance of car maintenance to keep your car up and running – and doing so smoothly. If you’re in the process of buying a car, new or used, for the very first time, know this: car maintenance matters, and […]

August 15, 20180 commentsRead More