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How to Find the Happy Medium Between Car Obbession and Necessity

Keeping your car well taken care of goes hand in hand with how long a life your vehicle has. It’s easy to just let it go and take forever to get oil changes done or tire rotation. Things like headlight renewal probably don’t ever get done because they don’t affect […]

October 21, 20160 commentsRead More

How to Choose the Right Hose Clamp

A hose is a flexible hollow tube used to move liquids from one location or another. They can be made out of many materials, including nylon, rubber, and polyurethane. While a hose generally refers to a flexible material, hoses can also sometimes be referred to as pipes, with pipes having […]

October 18, 20160 commentsRead More

What to look for in an Electronic Brake Controllers

An electric brake controller is a small but very important gadget in your toe vehicle, camper trailer, caravan or boat trailer. A brake controller functions by activating electric brakes on your automobiles. It has a vital functionality in that your vehicles responds smoothly whenever you hit the brakes. With different […]

October 16, 20160 commentsRead More

The Corvette is a Classic Car That Never Goes Out of Style

The Chevrolet Corvette is a style classic and a highly effective racing car. It has a special place in the hearts of racing car enthusiasts, and is also famous through its appearances in film, tv and popular culture. Now in its seventh generation of production, the Corvette is still a […]

October 13, 20160 commentsRead More

Two Ways to Bring Your Food Truck Design to Life

You have everything prepared: Your menu, your recipes, your staff, your favorite locations, and even your vehicle itself. There’s just one thing missing from turning your food truck dreams into a living reality — the exterior design of your truck. The look of your truck can play a large role […]

October 6, 20160 commentsRead More