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The Chevy Volt Saves More Than Just Gas

While societal trends come and go (think the flash mob and colored ketchup) One trend that seems to have remained top priority (and rightfully so) is the “Going green” effort that has swept almost every industry worldwide. Whether you recycle or own a hybrid vehicle, everyone has their own way […]

September 28, 20180 commentsRead More

The Leading Car Talk Radio Programming on the Web

In August 2013, reported that the average cost of a new automobile in the United States had risen to 31,252 dollars. That is an increase of about 5,000 dollar from 2013. That is an average increase of 500 dollars per year, even though the average price for new cars […]

September 24, 20180 commentsRead More

Get the Car Advice You Need Via the Radio

Regardless of the steady influx of new technology, there is one everyday necessity that hasn’t changed all that much in recent years. The importance of having a reliable automobile to get us to where we need to be is something we often take for granted until the vehicle breaks down […]

September 23, 20180 commentsRead More

Talking About Car Talk

Every once in a while, as we humans stumble through the void and call the footprints and debris we leave behind “history”… every once in a great, great while, there is a visionary. Someone who sees farther than the rest of us, someone who sees the massive truths masquerading as […]

September 10, 20180 commentsRead More

Car Talk Radio for Regular People

In April 2013, Forbes magazine reported that the average cost of a new car or light truck was 30,303 dollars. It is no wonder why so many people encounter “sticker shock” when they decide to shop around for a new car. The cost of a brand new automobile is so […]

August 24, 20180 commentsRead More

Why Tuning In To A Car Talk Radio Show Can Make You Laugh

If cars rev up your engine on a daily basis, consider adding a car show radio program to your online calendar. What it will do to boost your knowledge of all things cars is almost nothing compared to the entertaining experiences you can enjoy simply by tuning in to one […]

July 12, 20180 commentsRead More

Auto Talk, Helping You Make the Right Decision for Your Wheels

Most of us have a tendency to take the radio for granted these days. With the internet taking over in the world of advertising and media, the radio is often left behind. On certain subjects though, radio can hold a plethora of advice you can find nowhere else. Stay in […]

June 21, 20180 commentsRead More

Could GPS tracking improve the way your business operates?

Did you know that the first GPS was introduced in cars over twenty years ago in 1996? These GPS systems were to help the drivers get to where they were going easier without having to pull over and study maps. These GPS trackers were the beginning of fuel conservation in […]

November 20, 20180 commentsRead More

Where Do You Order the Car Parts That You Need?

Finding a company that stocks the specific auto parts that you need can be a challenge. At a time when there are so many companies that offer online products, the reality is that many of these companies do not really stock any inventory, so they have to find the parts […]

3 Reasons To Invest In A Backup Camera This Winter

Backup cameras are slowly becoming a staple of today’s custom interiors and with good reason. In an IIHS study, 100% of drivers operating vehicles without backup cameras in their vehicles ran over a child-size stationary object placed behind the vehicle. This is because it takes a total of 81 inches […]

November 17, 20180 commentsRead More

How to Buy an Electric Bus for Sale That Will Meet Your Needs

Purchasing an automobile is not an easy task and buying a bus is even harder than a personal. This is a six figure investment and must bring you the comfort or returns you want. It would be a good idea to start by identifying the bus dealer to use when […]

October 31, 20180 commentsRead More

Things to Remember When Trading in a Used Car

The last thing you need at any point is to lose faith in your car; whether it is because of clattering noises from under the engine, horrific gas mileage, the inability to start or stay running, or a constant stress to replace failing parts, no one loves hearing the unexpected […]

October 26, 20180 commentsRead More