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3 Fluid Levels You Need to Maintain in Your Car

If you are a car owner, we’re willing to bet, you prefer your car to drive as it was intended to. When a car is reliable, safe and efficient, it’s a good thing. When a car might or might not start, and if it does start, it is unknown if […]

August 9, 20170 commentsRead More

Thinking About Buying a Used Car? Here’s What You Need to Know

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine getting anywhere with out a car. Almost 90% of Americans said that they owned a car in 2014 and between dealership sales or private-party deals, almost 40 million used cars get bought and sold each year. Car leasing has also become a […]

Tips for Keeping Your Auto Carpet Clean and New

Do you remember when you first purchased your vehicle? The leather smelled new, the exterior was shiny, and the carpeting was free of stains and debris. For some reason, it seems as if, almost immediately, the car?s carpet becomes dull and worn. Frequent weather changes can put a lot of […]

August 7, 20170 commentsRead More

Should Car Owners Rely On the Dealership For Maintenance Needs?

Take a look at the cars driving around right now, and you’ll find that the average car out there is at least 11 years old. Cars need maintenance, especially to keep running smoothly for over a decade. While regular check ups are an undisputed component of owning a car, where […]

July 14, 20170 commentsRead More

If You Don’t Trust Your Auto Dealership Like Family How Can You Trust Them With Yours?

Summertime in Iowa means shorts, t-shirts, and some good old fashion family fun in the sun. Odds are if you have children you’re already in the middle of an action packed summer; whether those kids are home from college for the summer or fresh out of third grade, you’re probably […]

June 21, 20170 commentsRead More