Four Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Subaru Dealership

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Are you hunting through new and used used car dealerships for your next set of wheels? Choosing the right car is an important decision. You will depend on your chariot to get you from one point to another. You will put your safety and well-being in the hands of your car every time you get behind the wheel. You will pour thousands of dollars into your sweet ride over the course of your ownership, both with repairs and maintenance, and through the fuel that makes it run. Choosing the wrong car can be a costly mistake. It can let you down when you need it the most. And most importantly, you put yourself in danger.

If you aren’t sure how to proceed in your car buying process, we’d like to interject some insiders knowledge: you want a Subaru. Subaru car dealers are known for giving their customers cars that stand the test of time. If you aren’t convinced, check out our list of reasons you can’t go wrong with a purchase from a Subaru car dealership.

Four Reasons to Visit a Subaru Car Dealership for Your Next Car Purchase

  1. Safety

    We’re listing this first for a good reason. The physical safety of yourself and the passengers in your vehicle should always be the most important factor when getting behind the wheel. Common sense would tell you that the newer the vehicle, the more modern the safety technology that protects the passengers on the road.

    This is not always true though. For example, Ford’s 2015 model trucks incorporate steel reinforcements in the crew cab model to protect the passengers in the vehicle. It did not however use this technology in all of its vehicles. It was too costly and labor intensive, and so Ford cut corners on the regular and extended cabs.

    Meanwhile, the cars sold in both new and used Subaru dealerships have proven to be road-worthy and safe. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded Subaru a Top Safety pick for every model they make. No other car manufacturer has that distinction.
  2. Reliability and Comfort

    When you think of comfort and reliability, you think of BMW. You think of Mercedes-Benz. You think of Jaguar. You think of a car made by a luxury car manufacturer. You might not of an “every man’s” car like a Subaru. However, product review giant Consumer Reports rated Subaru vehicles above every other car make and model sold in the United States in the categories of reliability, comfort, utility, and performance. In fact, Consumer Reports took it a step further and said that Subaru is the best vehicle sold in America, above all of the luxury vehicles that cost substantially more.
  3. Cost and Value

    While we’re on the subject of vehicles that cost far more, it might come as a surprise the value that is retained in Subaru vehicles. You’ve probably heard that cars are poor investments. Vehicles decline in value as they age, and the wear and tear that they incur through the course of a day’s work makes the resale price of your car plummet faster than stock prices on Black Tuesday.

    However, the Automotive Lease Guide, the leading guide for retained value in car prices lists cars sold at Subaru car dealerships as leaders in retained value. When you buy a Subaru, you can expect reliable service for several years, and to be able to sell it for more than you’d be able to get from a vehicle of the same year manufactured by another company.

  4. Free cookies and coffee.

    When you walk into a Subaru car dealership to test out potential cars, you might wonder if you had been mistaken for Branjelina (again) because of the superstar treatment you recieve. Yes, we think your glamorous and could easily be mistaken for a celebrity, but the men and women who work for the Subaru dealerships make it a point to share the joy they have with every person who pays them a visit. We aren’t promising refreshments, but your chances are good.

Buying a new car is a tough process. If you want a car that has a proven reputation for retaining its value, for performance, and for safety, do yourself a favor: buy a Subaru.

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