9 Chevy Vehicles That Defined Chevy as a Trusted Brand

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When you drive by the local new Chevy dealer, you probably recognize many of their classic cars. Chevy has been around for a century and has worked to build a strong presence in the market, and their cars are respected and loved by many Chevy fans all over the country. Chevy has developed hundreds of models of cars and trucks, many of which are available at local Chevy car dealerships for anyone to purchase. There are a few models that stand out over the years as having been instrumental in giving new Chevy dealers the name recognition they have today, and here is a list of the top cars in the past 100 years manufactured by new Chevy dealers in America.

    1. Royal Mail Roadster (1914)
    This classic car from the early 1900s was one of the first to make Chevy stand out as a unique and durable auto company. It sold for only $750 and was one of the first cars to boast the Chevy bowtie symbol that is iconic today.

    2. Sport Roadster (1932)
    During the Great Depression in the 1930s, this car entered the market as a bargain — selling for $445, it was available to many people who previously weren’t car owners.

    3. Suburban (1936)
    This car can be thought of as the precursor to SUVs that are so popular today, and it was a welcome addition to Chevy’s line of cars because it could carry up to eight people. This allowed people to travel by car and take vacations with several passengers in the car, and paved the way for the modern patterns of travel in America today.

    4. Pickup (1948)
    The ’48 Chevy Pickup is recognizable to almost any American. It was introduced right after World War II and this truck was a hit with Americans all over the country. The most popular buyers were farmers, travelling tradesmen, and even families who purchased the pickup as a second car.

    5. Corvette (1953)
    This smoothly styled sports car was popular with consumers who wanted more speed and flashy features than earlier family cars. Corvettes were popular as racing cars and could beat almost any other car in the world in a test of speed, and they still carry this prestigious reputation.

    6. Bel Air Sport Coupe (1955)
    You might associate this classic 1950s car body design with mid century pop icons who cruised around town living a luxurious lifestyle. This car was able to simultaneously exude luxury and prestige while being affordable for the masses, and it made an impression on the market as one of the most recognizable Chevy cars in history.

    7. Impala (1963)
    This car mixes the body style of a convertible with a hardtop design and earned an honorable mention in a popular Beach Boys song. This is one of the most popular cars for collectors to obsess over, because it’s fun to customize and offers a great driving experience.

    8. Camaro (1969)
    The late 60s was a time for rock and roll and celebrating freedom, and this was the perfect car to bring Americans together. This four-seater was great to cruise around in, and would get the attention of passersby anywhere it went.

    9. El Camino SS (1970)
    This sleek car model boasted room for a passenger as well as a pickup bed in back, and was a fusion of a pickup truck and the classic full-size Chevy.

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