What Will You Find at a Used Subaru Dealer?

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When it was time for Martha to purchase a new vehicle, she first thought about the brands she was most familiar with. She had owned cars from Chevy car dealerships for years. She counted herself as a proud member of the group of people that have purchased more than 4.76 million cars from new Chevy dealers. She had also owned a Ford for awhile, and was considering going back. Her son, however, convinced her that she should visit one of the used Subaru dealers in their neighborhood to check out the Subaru inventory they had.

When Martha pulled up to the closest of the nearby used Subaru dealers, she was immediately surprised. She had always pictured Subaru as only manufacturing small cars, and she knew she wanted something larger. She saw lots of different SUVs and crossovers on the lot and was intrigued to know more. She also saw why her son had said that Subaru’s recent offerings were both fun to drive and practical to own. When she entered the lobby, she was immediately greeted by a warm salesperson who encouraged her to spend some time looking around the inventory for herself. She saw so many different types of cars, including some supercharged ones, like the supercharged Impreza WRX. While that wasn’t exactly what she was interested in, she loved seeing all the choices used Subaru dealers had to offer.

After spending nearly a half an hour wandering the showroom and looking at their stock, she found herself continually drawn to one particular type of Subaru. The Outback offered everything that she wanted. She had previously driven a Chevy SUV and while she liked how large and in charge she felt behind the wheel, she wanted to find something a bit smaller that still allowed her to have an SUV feel. She decided to talk to the salesperson about what options were available in that particular model.

The salesperson asked her to talk a little bit about what drew her to that car above all others. She started to explain all the things she wanted to have in a new car and what she had and had not liked in cars over the years. She knew she wanted good fuel mileage and an SUV feel. But she also wanted the smooth ride of a car and the nimble versatility of something that was fun to drive. The salesperson’s smile grew bigger and bigger as she told Martha that she had excellent instincts because the Outback fit that bill perfectly.

All it took was 15 minutes behind the wheel of a test drive to confirm it for Martha. Though she might have initially visited the used Subaru dealership just to satisfy her son, she now knew it was the best choice she could have made. A few signatures and handshakes later, Martha was the proud new owner of her very own Subaru and excited for what the future held.

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