Subaru Partners With Major National Parks In An Effort To Increase Reycling

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In an era where companies in every industry face heavy pressure to recycle and to generate less waste, earning a “zero landfill” status can drive sales and save millions of dollars every year. Although only four companies across the United States have earned the highly sought-after designation as of this writing, there are many other businesses working hard to reduce waste and to attract customers with a commitment to recycling.

Subaru dealers locally are able to talk to potential customers about their companies’ recycling policies; most of their waste is reused, some is recycled, and a small percentage is converted into steam and used to power local cities. Coupled with green initiatives around the country that range from curbside recycling pickup to larger recycling centers, customers find that they are increasingly able to shop with companies that have a record of environmental awareness.

Some Subaru customers report that they feel the vehicles are “fun to drive,” and that they approve of the company’s environmental policies. Subaru dealers with new and used cars for sale may be able to refer customers with older Subarus to a recycling program that reuses “retired” cars’ materials for new vehicle construction.

Local Subaru dealers may find that they are seeing increased customer interest from people who frequently recycle; the company has enjoyed extensive media attention for their “zero landfill” policies. Currently, the only other companies in the United States besides Subaru to have attained that certification are one beverage company, an automotive tire manufacturer, and a laundry soap company. Customer support for recycling programs may work to increase that number, however, in the near future.

New and used Subaru dealers locally may also find that potential buyers would like to know about the company’s recent partnership with America’s national parks; currently, the automobile manufacturer is working with three parks to reduce waste and to increase recycling. If a car maker’s “best practices” can be transferrable to other industries, Americans may be able to expect significant landfill reduction in the next several decades.

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