How Do I Know What Kind of Hose Clamp I Need?

Black hose clamp

Hose clamps or hose clips are devices used to attach and seal hoses onto fittings like barbs or nipples. They are very often used to seal liquid or air connections on hoses. These clamps come in a variety of types and sizes to serve in many different applications. The types of hose clamps may vary, but they all serve the same basic purpose.
Stainless steel hose clamps have a variety of uses. These versatile hose clamps are made of stainless steel, and often include chrome nickel plating for corrosion resistance. Although they are most commonly available in perforated bands, the non-perforated bands are less susceptible to breakage. Rounded edges on some of these steel clamps reduce the risk of leaking by being a more gentle grip on the hose. The least expensive stainless steel clamps, because they do not have this feature, can easily cut hoses if they are overtightened. The highest quality stainless steel clamps, however, are designed to provide high clamping force and a complete seal all around the hose when tightened. In addition, their high quality design often allows them to be reused many times.
Another common type of hose clamp is a worm drive. These clamps can actually be daisy-chained one after another to make a longer clamp if needed, if you only have several shorter ones that do not have the length that is required. The very durable worm gear clamps are often used to help secure many types of hoses, including exhaust and pneumatic hoses.
Screw hose clamps are another type of clamp that is widely used. This type of adjustable hose clamp is sometimes used for temporarily fixing damaged pipes very quickly in emergency situations. Screw clamps are commonly used for hoses that are at least 1/2 inch in diameter.
Used in many types of car repairs, as well as plumbing and air conditioning jobs, hose clamps are designed to provide even pressure on all sides, without any gaps. The many types of hose clamps are so versatile that they are often used as heavy duty zip ties, or even as a replacement for duct tape.

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