Your Four-Point Pre-Car Shipping Checklist

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If you have to move your car over a long distance and you’ve decided to use a car shipping service, you’ve probably spent some time researching the most dependable auto shipping companies and figuring out which company will give you the best rate. That’s usually the most stressful part about shipping a car through a professional service — but your job isn’t done quite yet. To make sure that the entire move goes smoothly, there are a few steps you should make sure to follow when you’re preparing your car to be shipped:

  • Having a (somewhat) clean car is definitely important, at least when it comes to the exterior of your car. Not only will you circumvent the certain embarrassment of dropping off a car that looks like it drove through a swamp, but a clean exterior will allow the company to perform a pre-shipping inspection.

  • The inspection part is important, and it isn’t crazy to do your own at-home inspection as well, so you can note any pre-existing scratches or dents. A good car shipping company will also offer to perform their own official inspection.

  • Make sure to remove any valuable items from the interior of your car, and if you have any fancy exterior additions (a spoiler, an ultra-long antenna for some bizarre reason, large reindeer antlers that were never removed after Christmas, etc.) make sure to remove those as well. Although car transport companies will have insurance policies to cover any damages during shipping, extra items might be excluded from those policies.

  • Car shipping services usually have restrictions regarding weight, so unless you’ve been permitted to leave extra items in your car for transportation, make sure to remove anything super heavy. Additionally, make sure that your gas tank is under half-full, so that your car weighs as little as possible.

Now it’s your turn to share — what tips would you give to someone who’s shipping their car for the first time? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments box!

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