Three Types of Car Safety Features That Buyers Should Look for in Their Vehicles

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Everyone knows that driving a car is fun, but it also needs to be done with caution. Each year in the United States, millions of accidents occur on the road, many of which result in injuries and tragedy. However, many auto makers incorporate a number of car safety features into their vehicles in order to minimize the impacts of collisions.

Just what are some of the top car safety features today? Here are three types that you should make sure your vehicle has before you make a purchase.

    1. Standard features: Some of the most common vehicle safety features are just as important as the high-tech ones. All cars should have seat belts (one for each passenger), and just about all cars today are made with airbags. Today’s airbags not only sit in front of passengers; side curtain airbags are typically stationed throughout an entire vehicle. Other features to look for are functioning headlights, high beams, and fog lights (if applicable) and a well-operating brake system. These are, obviously, things to look out for when purchasing a used car, especially.

    2. Upgrades to standard features: Most new car dealers will sell vehicles that come with every standard feature and usually have the latest technology for car safety. Some of these systems include adaptive headlights, which will swivel as you drive; this is useful for those who live in areas with high deer populations. Also, while most cars have built-in alarms and security systems, some owners will opt to add additional security to their vehicles. You can check with a dealer to find out which safety features you can add to your car.

    3. High-tech and custom safety features: The most current technology in car safety is all about automation. One of the latest innovations in safety while driving is the backup (or rear view) camera to help drivers when they put the car in reverse. Some of these vehicles even have park assist to help drivers who are less than confident in their ability to parallel park — great for city residents. Beyond that, however, there are also reverse backup sensors with these systems that can alert drivers if they are too close to another vehicle. Other sensors also exist for forward collisions, as well, in order to stop the car from going too far forward into another vehicle or structure.

In addition to having all of these car safety features to protect you on the road, a step you can take to protect yourself financially would be to take part in a vehicle maintenance program through your dealership. Most new and used car dealers will sell extended warranties that cover some or even all replacements and repairs with just a small deductible for you to pay. This type of “insurance” is a good way to manage any expenses that may arise, whether you get into an accident or if your car needs an upgrade.

What safety features do you rely on to keep you secure on the road? Tell us in the comments. References.

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