New Signange Rules Leaves Many in Oklahoma City Thunder Struck

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Thunder Influence Banners Oklahoma City

It is no surprise that professional sports teams hold sway in several cities. Most Local governments see them as easy income sources due to taxes and increased commerce. Although many economists are becoming more and more skeptical of financially struggling cities flying their banners to attract professional sports teams as a means of economic development, there are still cities every year that provide leniency to sports organizations in acknowledgment of their perceived contributions to the community.
A recent example of this would be in Oklahoma city. It should come as no surprise that the Thunder logo banners Oklahoma City. It’s not uncommon for sport fans to show their support with apparel, signs, stickers and even car wraps, but some would say that the NBA basketball team is also having influence on certain urban signage laws.

Prepare for New Electronic Media Banners Oklahoma City

A recent example of this occurred last week when the Oklahoma City Council made amendments to the current laws that deal with what are known as building wraps and other large scale graphics. According to the new rules they can now be displayed as well as high visibility electric media displays. A leading proponent for these changes, according to sources, is the Thunder. While many concede that the Thunder do contribute to the vibrancy of the downtown environment not everybody is happy with altering its historic appearance. Even the best sign company would have a hard time making electronic display fit into a historically accurate Victorian neighborhood.

New Ideas Will Always Face Push back

This type of shift to modern forms isn’t unprecedented. One related example would be the food truck craze several years ago. Several cities looking to invigorate their urban core took the tested route of incorporating more dining experiences in their city centers, but rather than brick and mortar eateries they went the mobile route. While many found that fleets of restaurants on wheels all with their individual food truck graphics and menus brought the downtown to life others found it gaudy.

Modern Signage is Not New to the Downtown Area

Many business in the downtown Oklahoma City area are no stranger to banners and signage especially when it comes to basketball season. Many businesses including hotels and historic sites apply yearly for special permits which allow them to display thunder banners during the season. But the inclusion of electronic media displays in the new set of display ordinances many are wondering how these displays will change the ambience of the area. Included in the news set of ordinances is allowance for the electronic displays to show sporting events in certain areas. It should be noted that the electronic displays are not permitted to show advertisements, too many this is a relief.

As always time will tell as whether these new rules will add or detract to the general appeal of the downtown environment.

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