Despite Setbacks, Volkswagen is Doing Better Than Ever — And Has the Global Reach to Prove It

updated 4/25/22.

When you own a Volkswagen, you need to make sure that it is well taken care of. That means using German car repair garages when there’s a problem so that the mechanics understand German engineering. You need certified VW repair so that you know you’re getting the service you need for your specific vehicle. With auto service, VW owners can keep their cars in great running condition for many years to come.

The best Volkswagen mechanics will know which parts to use and will be able to access them when needed. The best Volkswagen repair shop will have mechanics who are well-versed in VWs and have training in repairing and servicing them. With their training and experience, you know that you will get the services you need to keep your vehicle in the best condition.

Owning a VW can be a lot of fun with the great styling and pep of their vehicles. It isn’t as much fun when you need work done to it, though. That’s why you need to make sure to go to the best repair shop that you can for your specific vehicle. It may be tempting to go to a general mechanic, but you may regret it later.

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What’s the world’s most popular automaker? It might surprise you to learn that, as of July, that would be the Volkswagen Group (which contains many well-known auto entities). This is despite the recent uproar over the German company’s emissions scandal.

Volkswagen Remains Popular Global Brand, Beating Out Toyota in June

Volkswagen managed to sell over 5 million vehicles, worldwide, through the month of June, representing a 1.5% climb from the same period in 2015; by comparison, Toyota managed slightly under 5 million and were down sales from the year previous. General Motors remained in third.

It’s an impressive track record so far, but it’s certainly possible that this might shift in the next few months owing to the effect of the scandal. According to the Journal Sentinel, though the scandal has impacted sales, this has mostly been limited to the U.S. rather than Europe and China, which represent key markets for the company.

What You Should Keep in Mind While Looking for a User or New Car This Year

Scandal aside, there’s no real reason not to invest in a Volkswagen going forward. The issues with environmental ratings have been addressed going forward — including fixes at the manufacturer’s cost for old vehicles — and the issue itself never affected the performance, the reliability, or the safety of the car.

Whether you’re aiming for a used car or a new vehicle, you should keep the same general principles in mind. Always check ratings and customer experiences on sites like Kelly Blue Book. Although individual experiences can vary, if you notice that a car is constantly rated low on the 1 to 10 point scale because of issues with breaking down often past 100,000 miles, you may want to rethink buying that car used.

Similarly, it’s important when purchasing used cars to do due diligence. Car services like a car dealership are going to be more trustworthy than an individual on Craigslist because they have more riding on the purchase — if something goes wrong, it would be easy for you to tank their reputation on social media. Regardless, though, of whether you purchase from a legitimate business or a friend or a Craigslist ad, it’s important to opt for services like CarFax so you can view the vehicle’s history. While there are “free” services that purport to do the same thing, only sites like CarFax have full access to past history and the necessary databases to determine this, since the company itself pays a fee to do so.

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