5 Shocking Myths about Cars

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It’s hard to drive even a few miles in any big city without seeing tall signs with large print advertising new Chevy dealers. Local Chevy car dealerships have a place in almost every small town or city, and this is because Chevy is such a huge presence in the United States auto market. Since 1912, local Chevy dealers have produced and sold more than 200 million cars and trucks. Chevrolet vehicles are cruising on roads in over two thirds of the world, so this auto giant has really done a great job of becoming a leader in the auto industry around the entire globe.

It might seem like new Chevy dealers can’t expand any more than they already have, because they are such a big company already. They are tenacious though and won’t stop selling cars and trucks that their customers have come to love. In 2011, Chevrolet sold more than 4.76 million cars and trucks, and this number is expected to increase significantly by 2016 as the demand for these American made vehicles continues to increase.

One important part of being a car owner is understanding the dynamics of how cars work and how to care for them, and you should educate yourself on these things before you purchase a vehicle from your new Chevy dealers. If you want to know more, here is the truth behind some common myths about cars that everyone should know.

Myth #1: Cars with manual transmissions get better gas mileage. False.
Nope, this isn’t true even though this false information has been passed down through car owners for generations. It was true in the past, but modern auto technology is so advanced that today there’s no difference between manual and auto transmissions.

Myth #2: To get better fuel economy, turn on the air conditioner (AC) and close the windows. Undetermined.
This one really depends on the kind of car you have, because larger cars are not slowed down as much with the force of air from open windows as they cruise down the road. The effect is opposite for smaller cars who are greatly affected by open windows, so if you drive a smaller car then you should opt for AC instead of fresh air through rolling down the windows.

Myth #3: If you talk on your cell phone while getting gas, it can prompt an explosion. False.
This isn’t true, but please keep in mind that most gas pumps still ask that users don’t talk on the phone while filling up because it can be a big distraction. The rumors that started this myth were based around the belief that a wireless cell phone signal can cause an explosion when it is close to gasoline, but this has since been proven to be erroneous information.

Myth #4: Save money by filling your gas tank in the morning. False.
This is based on some true information, but it doesn’t actually apply to this situation. People thought that since temperatures are cooler in the morning, the gas is denser so you will get more for your money. Unfortunately, gas is stored underground and the temperature is hardly affected by the hot and cold we feel throughout the day.

Myth #5: Brand name gas is required for expensive cars. False.
The gas companies will try to get you to believe this, but you can use any gasoline for your car without worrying about harming it. Find more.

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