7 Incredibly Helpful Storage Unit Tips

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Self storage units are a great resource for many people, whether you’re moving to a new location or you just don’t have enough room for all of your things anymore. Before you decide to choose one of the many options available, you will have to find the perfect location and you’ll have to pack up your stuff to move it. Anyone who hasn’t rented self storage units before should read a little about the process so they do everything in the most efficient way possible. If you want to know more about how to best prepare to put your things in storage, keep reading for some super helpful storage unit tips.

    1. Store your cars
    People sometimes forget that there are lots of car storage units available to suit their needs, and these car storage systems are a great place to put your car away if you want to protect it from rusting and water damage. When you’re not using your summer car, consider winter car storage as a solution to protect it.

    2. Rent some pallets
    When you finally get to the storage center you will have to bring all of your things to the unit, and drive up access isn’t always possible. Having a pallet on wheels can help you get your things there. Another benefit is an added layer of protection if snow or rain were to make its way under the door, then your items would be protected. Your things would be safely raised above the ground.

    3. Drive up access
    Self storage units with drive up access are better suited for loading and unloading boxes and other items without having to walk long distances or up stairs. If you can’t get this feature, try to get a unit on the first floor. You will still have to walk down a long hallway but you won’t have to climb any stairs.

    4. Spot check for cleanliness
    Before you spend a lot of money to rent a self storage unit, it’s a good idea to inspect the entire inside to make sure that it is clean and dry for your belongings. If some of your things spend an extended period in an enclosed space that is wet, they can get ruined so you want to make sure there are no leaks or areas where moisture can get in the unit.

    5. Label all the boxes
    You might think that you’ll remember that your great aunt’s full set of good China is in the brown box in the back left corner, but you might want to label the boxes just in case you don’t. You will only infrequently visit your storage unit, so it can make it a lot easier to find things if you label everything clearly for easy access in the future.

    6. Use space wisely
    Storage unit space can be really expensive, so you should definitely try to get the smallest place that will hold your stuff. It takes some skills and time but you should try to pack things from floor to ceiling to take advantage of your space.

    7. Wrap sensitive items in plastic.
    This is important because sometimes even the cleanest units can have some bugs or unpleasant creepy crawlies enter even when they’re unwanted. To protect against your favorite sweater becoming their home, wrap boxes and bags in a layer of plastic wrap for protection. Read this for more.

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