Four Reasons Why the Nearest Charter Bus Line Is Probably Closer Than You Think

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It’s pretty well known at this point that coach buses and charter buses are some of the most eco-friendly and affordable travel options available today — and those two reasons are precisely why so many Americans choose to use charter bus services when they need to travel.

But another awesome part about the charter bus industry is that is provides the unsurpassed ability to transport people that would otherwise have no way of travelling, whether because of financial restrictions or location. Take a look at the statistics listed below, and you’ll see what we mean:

  • Charter bus services make up a huge industry in the U.S. — there are about 3,400 individual bus companies, and most of them are small- or medium-sized businesses. With over 33,400 individual vehicles in operation, this industry provides about 751 million passenger trips per year.

  • Because one charter bus can transport so many people at once, it’s estimated that each vehicle trip takes the place of about 55 individual passenger cars off the highway. Not only does this reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption, but it also significantly reduces traffic congestion in busy areas — allowing people to get to their destination in a time-efficient manner.

  • Due to the affordability of charter bus services, even those with tight budgets can afford to travel nearly anywhere in the U.S. — and even into Mexico or Canada! College students and senior citizens (two groups that often have limited disposable incomes) account for more than 50% of all charter bus passenger trips.

  • And finally, unlike trains or airplanes, charter buses are better able to reach passengers who live in rural areas. It’s estimated that for about 14.4 million Americans living in extremely rural areas, charter bus lines are the only commercial travel option available to transport these people in between cities.

Accessibility may not be the most prominent benefit of charter buses, but it’s clear that it certainly factors into the importance of these vehicles!

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