Practical Tips for Designing a Memorable Car Wrap

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Car wrap advertising is a great way to reach a diverse audience for a very low cost. Vehicle wrap graphics have one of the lowest cost-per-impression rates of any other advertising strategy and they don’t leave any damage on the underlying vehicle, so you can update or remove custom car wraps as needed.

Over 95% of Americans can be reached by media that targets people in vehicles, and fleet vehicles can boost name recognition 15 times more than any other advertising technique. But this only works if you and your car wrap provider design your advertisement with care.

When you’re designing vehicle wrap graphics for a custom car wrap, it’s crucial to picture it from the perspective of a person in a passing car. You can’t design vehicle wrap graphics like you would design a billboard or flyer, with all the relevant information in one place. People in cars only have a few seconds to view your advertisement, so you have to make relevant information stand out.

You also need to keep in mind that people read from left to right, so you need to keep the most important information on the left. This would typically be something like your company name or a short website, or both.

Since it’s so important to highlight the part you want people to remember, you should never clutter up your car design with meaningless graphics that will distract from it. Some visual elements are fine, but most of the time you want your design to be clean and to-the-point.

When you design, make sure that you’re designing with your target customer in mind. Just because you really like something doesn’t mean your target customer will. Your preferences should take a backseat to the preferences of your target demographic.

Most car wrap companies will walk you through the design process. Let them know what you need and be open to their ideas. You should come away with a great advertising tool.

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