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In August 2013, reported that the average cost of a new automobile in the United States had risen to 31,252 dollars. That is an increase of about 5,000 dollar from 2013. That is an average increase of 500 dollars per year, even though the average price for new cars stabilized, and even decreased, during the recession years.

The increasingly ludicrous cost of new automobiles becomes even more disconcerting when you consider that new cars depreciate at a rate of 9 to 10 percent each year; and that does not include the 10 percent decrease in value as soon as a new car is driven off the dealership lot. Thus, at a depreciation rate of 9 percent, a new car that is purchased today for 31,252 dollars will only be worth 16,608.59 after five years. Of course, that would be if the car has less than 75,000 miles, and is in pristine condition.

This is not intended to discourage anyone from purchasing a new car, but to help them to put the real cost of their auto purchase into perspective. After all, there are few purchases that can compete with the thrill of driving off in a brand new car. Because of the expense, however, it is in the best interest of every auto owner to take the time to learn at least the basics of auto maintenance.

Although car show radio has always been a favorite among car aficionados, the car talk radio show experts always offer tips and advice that are valuable to everyone who wants to keep their cars and trucks on the road, and out of the auto shop. The radio Car Show website is also an excellent resource about anything to do with engines running on four wheels. The Car Show radio website offers new vehicle reviews, car expert interviews, and even allows access to past auto radio programs.

Given the ridiculous prices of both new and used cars, smart car owners take every precaution necessary to ensure that their vehicles are still running properly after they make that last payment. For the smartest car owners and auto connoisseurs, Car Show radio is becoming the “go to” resource.

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