The Chevy Volt Saves More Than Just Gas

While societal trends come and go (think the flash mob and colored ketchup) One trend that seems to have remained top priority (and rightfully so) is the “Going green” effort that has swept almost every industry worldwide. Whether you recycle or own a hybrid vehicle, everyone has their own way of contributing to a greener community.

While walking is ideal for most members of the “Green” community, those who live in suburban or rural communities would likely agree that living life without a car is not always a feasible option. While hybrid vehicles have sometimes gotten a negative connotation for not being the “Coolest” looking car on the lot, their benefits certainly outweigh the negatives. Recently, some models, like the Chevy Volt, have tackled both the environmental, and aesthetic elements to a hybrid, spurring a new wave of sleek looking, high efficiency hybrid vehicles.

So why buy a Chevy Volt? Plug-in hybrids are the next wave of eco vehicles that allow earth-friendly drivers to minimize emissions without making drastic changes to their daily routines. Unlike other hybrids on the market, known as “parallel hybrids,” the Chevy Volt doesn’t use a gas engine to power the car at all. Each car is equipped with a large lithium-ion battery – similar to those used in a standard laptop or cell phone– that stores power from home electric outlets.

While returning home to charge your cell phone, your electric razor, and your vehicle all in one night may be a strange idea at first, the benefits greatly outweigh the overall “weirdness” of owning a plug-in hybrid car.

The Chevy Volt is considered an “electric range” vehicle, meaning it can travel 25-50 miles without using any gasoline at all. Sounds like liquid gold in a time when gasoline is at $5 a gallon in some locations, doesn’t it? Overall, the EPA estimates that the Volt gets about 37 miles per gallon when using the gasoline generator.

Another fun fact and reason why buy a Chevy Volt? Many of the parts under the car’s hood are actually made from waste generated from cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Not only does the Volt save you gas money, but it also saved a whopping 100,000 pounds of oil-soaked plastic that would otherwise be landfilled or burned.

Aside from fuel efficiency and recycled parts, The Chevy Volt has also managed to create an aesthetically pleasing car. It was originally designed as a concept car for several international auto-shows, where it won numerous best-in-show awards for both efficiency and visual appeal.

If you’re still wondering why buy a Chevy Volt, it offers a great compromise between driving a gas powered vehicle and walking 15 miles on the highway, saves gas money, and the environment. Whatever your reason, owning a plug-in hybrid is worth looking into.

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