5 Reasons to Contact a Corporate Car Service

Limousines have likely been around longer than you’ve imagined. In 1928, the first stretch limousine became publicly available. Since this time, companies of all sizes and types have preferred this transportation method. If you’re new to working with limousine and car services, it’s understandable to wonder what makes these forms of travel so beneficial. With that in mind, here are five important benefits of hiring a corporate limousine service.

  • Making an Excellent First Impression

    Numerous studies have found that people make first impressions after mere seconds of meeting with someone. With that in mind, arriving in a limo shows clients and employees that you care about their transportation. In addition, it shows them that you prefer to travel in both luxury and style. This helps to ensure you and your company makes a great first impression every time.
  • Not Risking Anyone Driving Impaired

    Whether it’s your idea or not, certain corporate events involve a small amount of drinking. If you or anyone you’re with is going to have a few drinks with dinner or otherwise, it’s important they remain safe. Nothing could ruin a corporate gathering faster than the aftermath of a DUI. The ramifications from your employer would certainly be severe. Therefore, it’s wise to not take this risk of hurting yourself or others by hiring a corporate car service. In turn, this avoids anyone getting behind a driver’s wheel while impaired.
  • Perfect for Traveling Around in a New City

    Not all corporate events are going to be held in familiar cities. In fact, company resentatives in certain roles travel frequently as part of their job. With that in mind, this places you in stressful situations. For instance, you might want to take a client to dinner during a busy weekend. Navigating through a new and busy day is going to be quite taxing. Considering that, it’s much wiser to have a corporate car service handle these trips. In fact, statistics show that the average limousine driver takes an estimated 105 trips each week. Also, this gives you and your guests extra time to communicate.
  • Helping the Environment

    It’s important for companies everywhere to focus on being sustainable. Considering that, many companies are focusing on more environmentally friendly practices. In addition, consumers are taking notice of which companies are doing their part. One study found that traveling by SUV is 10 times more harmful than traveling by limousine. This is because SUVs are only going to safely hold a certain amount of people. Unfortunately, this creates more harmful emissions to the environment. Fewer emissions happen when this group travels together in a single limousine.
  • Traveling with a Wide Range of Amenities

    Traveling by limousine simply makes someone feel great. While it’s great to travel together with others, it’s important that you and your clients feel rewarded. After all, you’ve likely worked hard to get to where you are in life. If you want to treat yourself and those around you, contact a corporate car service. Limousines commonly feature amazing lighting, great stereo systems, minibars, and other amenities.

To summarize, it’s understandable to wonder about whether or not to hire a limousine service. However, it’s easy to see that hiring a corporate car service has an immense amount of benefits. If you have a corporate trip coming up, it’s wise to consider hiring a executive transportation service. In turn, you and your party will be able to travel in style. You might find that limousine transportation helps turn your company’s future prospects into clients.

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