Take Care of Your Machines So They Can Take Care of Your Business

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Did you know that the bow drill and bow lathe are two of the earliest documented forms of tools? Sometime around 1200 B.C., these tools were developed to help build fires, as in the case of the bow drill, and to help carve wooden objects, as in the case of the bow lathe. The lathes used today for various machine shop services are much different.

Metal and other rigid materials need a machine tool to be shaped. And yet everything from an aluminum baseball bat to a fine violin can be produced with the help of a lathe. The key to making a good product is to take good care of the machines doing the hard work. The cost of rebuilding tools should be considered as a last resort, not a result of avoiding machine tool repairs.

Maintenance, repair, and operations, or MRO, are an important part of the machine shop services offered. Machine shop repair costs need to cover both scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance might arrive through a work order, and requires a certain amount of coordination and allocation of time, as the piece of machinery will be out of use. Preventative maintenance does not require as much planning, as the repair is done while the piece is still working, not when it is out of order.

Precision machine repairs are half of the job of keeping a piece of equipment in good working order. Machine shop services cannot be performed without reliable tools that are properly taken care of and maintained. Keeping equipment away from the elements; clean and dry after their daily use, and regularly maintained will keep things operating smoothly.

Running a great machine shop is more than customer services and methodical book keeping. Skilled workers are important too. But it also comes down to balancing the work orders coming in with the maintenance needs of the machines. For more about this, go here.

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