What Are The Most Popular Custom Golf Cart Additions?

golf carts lakeland flThe best golf carts Lakeland FL has ever seen would put most cars to shame. Although not everyone who wants to buy a golf cart wants the most tricked out, customized vehicle on the links, some customers really go the extra mile (and then keep going). When you’ve been selling the golf carts Lakeland FL residents use to try and impress their neighbors, you see some pretty wild things — like golf carts with hot-rod style racing stripes.

Golf cart dealers in Florida deal with a variety of customers, from pro golfers to hunters looking for the most heavy-duty vehicle on four wheels. So when you sell the golf carts Lakeland FL drivers use to get around the beach, golf course, and hunting trails, what are the most common requests you hear? Some of the most popular add-ons and additions to golf carts Lakeland FL customers request include

1. Street Legal
Although most golf carts only go about 15 miles per hour, you can purchase models that top out around 30 mph. If you plan on doing any tinkering under the hood, just remember: if golf carts are modified so they can reach high speeds, they’re treated by the law like any other motor vehicle. In general, you can drive your cart on any street with a speed limit of 35 mph or under.

2. Extra Seating
Although typical golf carts only seat two or four people, at least comfortably, some models can easily fit up to 10 passengers at a time. For customers with large families, extra seating is one of the most popular requests.

3. Electric Battery
For a variety of reasons, some customers prefer golf carts with electric batteries instead of a traditional gas tank. Just keep in mind that a battery only lasts two or three days, less than the distance you’d get from a single tank of gas.

4. Rain Covers
If you live in Florida, do we really need to say more?

5. Discount Golf Carts, Luxury Golf Carts
For big spenders who really want to make their neighbors jealous, luxury golf carts can cost upwards of $30,000. Others are looking for affordable golf cart sales Lakeland FL dealers can offer them. The cheapest golf carts can run for as little as $3,000, although you might be better off finding the best quality used golf carts Lakeland FL dealers have for sale. Pre owned golf carts in good condition can offer an incredible value for customers looking for a deal.

6. Custom Color Schemes
Although many people are satisfied with boring beige, we’ve had requests for bright pink to the colors of our customers’ favorite sports teams. Choosing the body and seat colors can add a personal touch to a golf car that really makes it draw the eye.

7. Sound Systems
Because Florida residents love to use golf carts on vacation, many customers want their cart to have a speaker system for their guests to enjoy. We’ve even seen some custom systems installed that were probably the source of a noise complaint or two. And while we wouldn’t recommend doing anything to bother your neighbors, it’s never been easier to plug your phone or device right into your golf cart.

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