How to Best Preserve Your Tools

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Tools are an investment. In stead of buying every pre-made all the time, you buy tools so you can build things yourself. Instead of hiring someone every time something small goes wrong in your home, you buy tools so you can try to fix things before hiring help. Whether you are buying at precision machine shops or the crafty beaver, these rules are good to follow for keeping your genie material lift, hammer and even power tools up and running.
Keep them dry.
Water created all kinds of problems. It washes away important lubricants. It promotes rust. It generally wears on a tool. By keeping your tools stored in a cool, dry place, you avoid machine shop repair costs.This may mean paying for a small monthly storage spot to avoid power tool repair service, but it’s well worth it.
If necessary, keep them oiled.
Tools at precision machine shops and Home Depot alike need the same thing:lubrication. You’d be hard pressed to find a self-lubricating tool. Machine tools have a lot of functions including threading, boring, turning and facing. Some these include parts rubbing together often. In order to keep these parts from wearing down, be sure to use lubrication.

Use them.
A lathe should be cleaned and wiped regularly and the wiper pads which should be cleaned and re-oiled. Lathes aren’t alone in this this. To avoid machine tool repair, get your tools out fairly often and show them some TLC (tender love and care).

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