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Grand rapids charter bus

1. Relive those bus rides in your grade school days… Well, kind of. Some things you don’t want to relive: the stale, plastic-y smell that never seemed to leave the bus, and those windows that both refused to open in the summer and refused to close in the winter– you don’t have to experience that again. Modern coach buses now come equipped with air conditioning, reclining seats, entertainment systems, restrooms, and newer buses often have wi-fi capabilities. But that sense of adventure and camaraderie you felt when you climbed on board with all of your friends after school? That hasn’t gone anywhere.

2. Imagine how much money you can save Just by choosing to ride a charter bus instead of taking your own vehicle, you can save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on gas. That cross-country road trip you and friends want to take this summer? You should be spending your vacation seeing the sights, and not filling up your gas tank every day. Many charter buses have flat-rate costs or charge fees based on mileage, making it easy to budget your money. Charter buses are easily the cheapest way to travel these days.

3.Travel in comfort Alright, so you probably shouldn’t expect a giant coach bus that is a selfie-worthy backdrop for your next Instagram post. (Unless you happen to be in China and you stumble across the Neoplan Jumbocruiser, AKA THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BUS with a 300 person capacity, three separate sections, and five different doors. If that situation presents itself, then you should definitely selfie that bus.) But modern charter buses are making huge improvements in comfort and style, and it’s probably worthwhile to reiterate again that a lot of charter buses even have wi-fi because, you know, Instagram and Twitter don’t update themselves.

4. Feel Good About Helping the Environment There’s something exciting a road trip; just you, your best friends, and an open road ahead with loads of sights waiting to be seen and adventures waiting to be had. But if you’re an environmentally conscious person, you might also feel a tinge of guilt at the thought of your car spewing tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Maybe you don’t, and well, that’s your prerogative. But for everyone else who wants a cleaner way to travel, charter buses are a great alternative. Charter bus lines literally run all over the country so your travel options aren’t limited, and many bus companies are taking initiatives to limit the amount of harmful gases emitted by older buses so even those longer trips are not so cringe-worthy. More on this topic:

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