Three Reasons You Should Invest in a New Car

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There’s nothing like buying a new car. The seats are fresh, bright, and clean, the windows are sparkling, the engine purrs, the brakes work instantaneously, and there isn’t a single scratch on the body of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always last for long, and after the first two years, the value of most new cars depreciate about 20% to 30%, but the feeling of having a new car is great while it lasts.

Here are some of the other benefits of buying a new car instead of a used one.

  • Features. While you can find both new and used cars that match your wishlist perfectly, you have more choices when you purchase a brand new vehicle. You can choose from traditional sedans, to convertible tops, to hybrid cars, to jeeps. These cars can be customized any way you desire, which means you can add in air conditioning, heated seats, a GPS, bluetooth capabilities, a sunroof, and even sensors to warn you how close your car is to another one.
  • Finance Rates. One of the key differences between new and used cars is that you can often buy a used car for much less than the price of a new one, but often times, you will end up paying much more in interest. Many experienced car dealers offer discounts on new cars, and also promote low introductory financing rates in order to attract buyers. This means that you will be paying less in the long run.
  • Resale Value. As a single owner for a car, when you go to resell the vehicle, you will likely be able to put a higher price tag on it. The value of used cars depreciates even more as they bounce from one owner to the next, so when you want to get rid of your used car, you’ll probably get even less for it than you realize.

With a new car, you won’t have to worry about maintenance issues for a while either. Since these can be expensive, investing in a brand new vehicle will be worth the cost. Learn more at this link.

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