Let’s Talk About Buses For a Minute

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No, we’re not talking about those smelly yellow school buses that dominated your childhood days. Charter buses are those motor coaches you see all over the road that carry a bunch of passengers, and they are becoming the new big thing in transportation. Here’s why:

You Can Make Some New Friends.
The word “bus” comes from the Latin word omnibus meaning “for all.” The purpose of charter buses is literally right in the name; charter buses are meant to carry all sorts of passengers –not just school children– to wherever they need to go. If you’re travelling alone, you can think about your time on board as a chance to meet tons of new people. If you’re travelling in a group, think of it as a bonding experience.

Let’s be honest for a minute: when a bunch of people are placed in a moving vehicle for an extended length of time, confessions come out and things get weird. At least one person cries. Someone laughs hard enough to pee her pants (and she tries to lie about it, but everyone knows). Someone accidentally locks himself in the bathroom and it takes six different people and 20 minutes to get him out. A German drinking song usually erupts after a few hours. Charter buses actually provide better entertainment than a VH1 celeb-reality show featuring famous couples from the 90s.

It’s Possible to Stay Comfortable.
If you don’t like people, many charter buses come equipped with things like wi-fi, entertainment systems, and reclining seats. All you have to do is plug in your headphones and put a sleep mask on, and everyone around you will disappear. To be honest, the German drinking song can get annoying after a while. Especially if you don’t speak German.

New Buses Are Gettin’ Green.
Shall we compare the energy usage of charter bus services and other transportation methods? The numbers are actually incredibly straightforward and practically speak for themselves: One gallon of fuel on a commuter rail service covers 92 passenger miles. On a domestic air carrier, it covers 44 passenger miles. A single-passenger automobile covers a mere 27 miles. But charter buses? One gallon of fuel can cover 206 passenger miles. And charter bus companies are making monumental changes every day to make sure that the carbon footprint of their buses keeps going down. Research more like this: www.cardinalbuses.com

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