You Got a DUI Now What?

Drunk driving or under any other substance is a concerning felony that can give you long-lasting consequences. Be responsible and avoid risking your life and the life of others by driving with alcohol or under the influence of other substances. However, you can hire a DWI attorney to help with your questions if you need more information about DUI and DWI cases.

A common question regarding DUI and DWI cases is, “When will you be excused for driving under the influence?” And it has a simple answer. You’ll always receive a penalty or ticket if you drive under the influence. Don’t risk your life and be a responsible driver, or you’ll get a DUI charge. You might think, “What does 3 counts of DUI mean” or “Can I drive after a DUI?” The answer depends on what your DUI lawyer says. However, it’s best to wait until your DUI case is over.

Lastly, if you are not convicted of DUI but license suspended, you might need to talk with your DUI lawyer and explain your situation. A DUI case isn’t something to take lightly, as you can lose your driver’s license and cause a tragedy.

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Drunk driving kills, this isn’t news. But do you know how often? Drunk driving actually results in about 28 deaths each and every day in the U.S. Some of these deaths occur from people who made a bad choice. Other cases are repeat offenders with a history of alcoholism. There might be a way to discourage alcoholics from driving after a few drinks, and it’s known as an interlock device.

How do cops know that someone is driving drunk? They must have probable cause to pull someone over, so these are a few things they look for. A car that is swerving; runs a STOP sign or red light; speeding erratically; or one that is going well below the speed limit are exhibiting signs of a distracted driver, and you will be pulled over and a breathalyzer will be administered. It is worth noting that refusing to take a breathalyzer test is taken as an admission of guilt, and you will automatically be brought in to the police station.

So how does an interlock device help with not getting a DUI? It’s simple: an interlock device is essentially a car breathalyzer. If the driver blows above the legal limit, the car won’t start. As you might imagine, this means that it is actually an ignition interlock device. It takes the variable of self-control out of the equation. The person might still choose to drink, but the option of taking their vehicle on the road is no longer there. These devices have actually been proven to decrease DUI’s up to 70%.

This option is attractive for many people who struggle with their drinking habits. The interlock device is just a machine, one that cannot be tricked. Most alcoholics do not want to cause anyone harm on purpose, and this becomes more difficult to manage when they drink. The possibility of being stuck on the side of the road is unappealing, so they may make better choices when they go out.

There is the question of how this device might be perceived by anyone else who may come into their car, because the interlock device must always be connected. There are discreet breathalyzers that mimic the look of a cup, cell phone, or other innocent looking device that is not out of place in a car.

Drinking and driving destroys lives. This is not news. For those who want to stop, or want to prevent their future selves from making a bad choice, installing a device such as this may be the right choice.

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