Keeping Diesel Injectors Clean is the Key to a Smooth Running Engine

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Diesel engines are more than a hundred years old but they may well be the way of the future. Diesel is a rich fuel and Diesel engines are very fuel efficient. For people who own vehicles that run on diesel, getting spare parts and repairs like reman injectors and lb7 injector rebuild can be the secret to keeping your vehicle running smoothly for a long time.

Diesel is an environmentally friendly fuel
It was a hundred and twenty five years ago that Rudolf Diesel patented the engine that came to be called by his name. Diesel engines are also internal combustion engines but differ from petrol engines which use spark plugs. In a Diesel engine, fuel is injected into a combustion chamber and a high temperature is achieved by compressing the gas, leading to ignition.
Diesel is a very rich fuel and about 25 to 30% more energy rich than gasoline. This makes it an environmentally friendly fuel. In fact, cars that run on diesel are 20 to 40% more fuel efficient than those that use gasoline. Diesel engines for cars are becoming increasingly popular and as of 2014, 489,612 clean diesel cars were sold in the U.S.

Diesel fuel injectors can wear out
Over time, diesel engines can develop certain problems associated with the fuel injection system. Diesel injectors can wear out, or they can become covered with deposits that affect their efficiency and performance. Diesel injectors and especially the more modern common-rail injectors can wear out because they are used so frequently. They fire as often as two or three times each engine cycle.
The diesel fuel injection system can also become slower and less efficient due to deposits and build up leading to injector failure. Buildup can be external or internal. Repairs like an lb7 injector rebuild can clean up a Diesel engine and make it as good as new again.

Repairs and spare parts for Diesel engines
The key to keeping a Diesel engine running smoothly and trouble-free is to have access to a good source of spare parts for repairs and cleaning, such as lb7 injector rebuild. A fuel injection delivery system can be renewed with fresh turbo chargers, injectors, glow plugs, fuel lines and more.

Diesel is an efficient and high performance fuel. It has been largely used for truck engines in the U.S. but diesel car sales are catching one. As of 2012, only about 3.2% of vehicles sold had Diesel engines, but this figure is expected to grow. Diesel vehicle sales are expected to double by 2018. With repairs and cleaning like lb7 injector rebuild, diesel engines can run smoothly for a long time.

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