Tips For Taking Care of Your New Mercedes

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If you?ve invested in a new Mercedes Benz, it?s important to know how to take care of that investment. Genuine Mercedes Benz vehicles are increasingly popular in America: in 2013, Mercedes Benz USA had their highest sales volume ever, at 312,534 units. If you keep your vehicle in top condition by caring for the outside and maintaining it with only Mercedes Benz performance parts, you?ll enjoy that nice car for many years to come, or be well positioned to sell it for the best price. Here are some tips for taking good care of your investment:

The Outside

The outside is of course the first thing that you or anyone else sees, and you want your Mercedes to give the best first impression possible. Washing and waxing regularly is essential. Chemicals from the road as well as dirt that flies up during travel can damage the paint and cause oxidation. To know if you?ve waxed the car well, run a dry hand along it when you?re done. It should feel like smooth glass: any rough bits are contaminants that are stuck to the surface.

You also want to take good care of the tires, not only for the look of the vehicle but to minimize wear and tear. Rotate and balance the tires of Benz cars every six months and periodically look for any damage or wear that might mean you should a tire replaced.

If you need a trim piece replaced, getting authentic Mercedes Benz performance parts will make sure you?ve always got a perfect match for color and fit. Consider looking at online stores that carry Mercedes Benz aftermarket parts, as it can save you real money. A trim piece that only costs about $5, for example, can have as much as a $5,000 mark-up when sold at retail. Online stores will likely have a smaller mark-up.

Routine Maintenance

Always keep to your maintenance schedule to keep the car running in top condition and retaining value. The owner?s manual will let you know when factory tune-ups are recommended. Not only will this keep the vehicle in the best shape possible, but if you ever want to sell you?ll increase your starting price if you can show proof you?ve taken excellent care of the car.

If you?ve got traditional oil in the vehicle, you?ll want to be sure to change it every 5,000 miles. A lot of Mercedes owners, however, switch to synthetic oils because of their higher performance. In that case, oil changes are only necessary every six months or 7,500 miles. Either way, make sure you protect the engine by taking care of this important maintenance routine. Don?t forget to also check coolant and washer fluid every week, and power steering fluid levels, brake fluid levels, and transmission fluid levels monthly. Always use the fluids that your owner?s manual recommends.

Repairs and Customization

If you want to do some add-ons, always get original Mercedes parts. You can often get quality second hand Mercedes parts from the right dealer or shop, but always call the dealership to confirm part numbers on anything you buy. This is pretty easy to do now, as modern supply systems and numbering customs allow you to look in your owner?s manual, note the part number, and then order Mercedes Benz performance parts by number with minimal hassle.

Always go with authentic Mercedes Benz performance parts, even if you get them vintage or used. Auto parts are often unique to the combination of transmission and engine that a particular car has, and you want a part that not only fits but also matches the quality and performance fo the vehicle you?ve invested in.

Taking the time to maintain, clean, and repair your car will ensure you enjoy it for as long as possible at peak performance. And if you ever decide to sell it, good maintenance and care will ensure you get the best possible price.

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