4 Vehicles Meant for Your Family and Your Dog

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When in search of a new car and visiting the auto dealer, there are a number of car buying tips to consider. A 2016 CarGurus survey noted that, among those details, the three most important were the transportation of their children’s sports equipment (45%), the ability to carry an infant stroller (33%), and how easily the car allows them to transport pets (31%). A majority of parents (57%) have been reported to involve their kids’ opinions when making a decision on their car purchase. When it comes to the concern of children, one of their primary focuses will be on themselves and then the family’s pets.

When you’re thinking of planning ahead for the family, you tend to think of the ideal, classic family picture: the white picket fence, the family in tow, and the all American dog. For that reason, when you visit the auto dealer and are testing out new vehicles, you want to keep your whole family in mind — you, your family, and your dog. In particular, considering all the types of vehicles you’ll see at the auto dealer, let’s explore four vehicles that are the best dog friendly cars.

So just what are you looking for when considering dog friendly cars? Think space, comfort, and security. You don’t want your dog to be cramped, nor do you want them to be sliding or slipping around. The best types of cars are ones with easy accessibility, in which you can load your pup in and out with ease; that feature large seats with durable material; and that have flat floors without many obstructions or nooks that your dog might get stuck in. In the end, if you’re comfortable in your car, it’s likely that your dog will be comfortable too.

2018 Honda CR-V:

A top-ranked compact SUV among most auto dealer sites, the Honda CR-V offers a great deal of space for your dog to relax on family trips, both short and long. Similarly, its flat load floor is spacious and low to the ground, making it easy for your dog to jump in, or for you to have to pick them up and load them in.

2018 Buick Enclave:

The 2013 Buick Enclave was named one of the “10 Must-Shop Family Cars” in 2014, and the 2018 edition is no different. Buick cars are known for their comfort, and the Enclave has a lot to offer. It has a wide rear-hatch, three luxury rows of seating, and is built with a durable interior. Once you leave the auto dealer in this car, not only will you have space and comfort for your family, but so will your dog.

2018 Subaru Forester:

With a boxy profile and countless car safety features for the weather and other bad elements, the Forester is a great option for the adventurous. The car’s internal shape are perfect for lugging around large dog crates, as needed. Furthermore, it’s plastic interior is great for standing up to the metal barring of dog crates, or simply making it easier to clean up loose, pesky dog hair. While the interior might not be as “high-end” as the interiors of other cars on this list, it makes for a dog-friendly atmosphere with cleanliness in mind.

2018 Sierra 1500 Denali:

If you’re a family who works outside, lives for adventure, or simply enjoys a larger vehicle, the Sierra 1500 Denali will make for a great vehicle. Paired with the Denali’s gargantuan body, its roomy interior leaves a lot of lounge space for your dog. With durable interior material added, the car’s seats are sure to stand up to your dog’s claws (along with their hair and spit). GMC trucks, which are known for their all-around durability, will stand-up to all of your outdoor adventures and work, as well as ensuring your dog is happy and comfortable.

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