The Ability of Car Breathalyzers to Pull Drunk Drivers off The Road Despite the Cost

Often with the conviction of a DUI comes the requirement of a car breathalyzer or interlock system. More than the expense of placing this system, the car breathalyzer cost is actually a positive one with the reduction of drunk drivers on the road and potential accidents that occur from those situations.

Car Breathalyzer Cost

The lease of a car breathalyzer interlock device can average about $70 per month, along with the installation cost of about $100. That is minimal to the expense of further charged DUIs and the legal costs associated. Then, there is the connection to most fatal drunk driving crashes and the fact that they occur from drivers with at least one or more DUI convictions on their record. Without the ability for those drivers to turn on their cars streets are much safer, especially with a recorded 70% reduction in drunk driving arrests. So, the car breathalyzer price is more than purchase or installation, but also the savings of the lives of both drunk drivers and others on the road.

The Car Breathalyzer Device

With so much to gain from the removal of regular drunk drivers’ ability to start the car, there is a great benefit of adding ignition interlock devices to any car owned by a past drunk driver. Many times this is the punishment placed upon a convicted driver by the judge, and it is essential to help break a bad cycle. Incredibly enough, many features of the ignition interlock device include a required level far below the legal limit, as well as the requirement to perform retests throughout any journey on the road.

While car breathalyzer prices may be rather large while they are in use, there is much more saved in the end by not gain additional DUI charges. Drinking and driving has provided such dangerous driving across the country, along with the worst cases of auto crashes and the most deadly, with statistics showing that almost 30 people die on a daily basis due to drunk driving. Interlock installation has provided an incredible reduction over the years, and the more that devices are able to keep drunk drivers off the road there will likely be even more improvement in safety on the road.

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