Getting Ready To Ship Your Car? Keep These Two Points in Mind

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Finding the perfect vehicle transport service can seem really stressful. You do a bunch of research, you collect a bunch of quotes, you figure out and you figure out which vehicle transport companies on your list actually have licences, responsible drivers, and a solid collection of positive reviews (and maybe some negative ones too — which isn’t always a bad thing!). It’s a really long process, and even the most organized person can feel overwhelmed by it all.

But there are two small details that people often tend to forget when it comes to car transport services, and these details are part of the preparation required before actually shipping a car.

First, it’s important to figure out if you want your car to transported in an open carrier or a closed carrier. Many car shipping companies will offer both options, and it’s up to the customer to decide which option to choose. While an open carrier means that your car could be exposed to bad weather, open carriers tend to be significantly cheaper than closed carriers.

A lot of people just choose to go with open carriers, unless they happen to be shipping their car through a tundra, or unless they’re shipping a particularly expensive car. Closed carriers often give customers the added option of having their car shipped by itself, rather than on a vehicle carrying a bunch of cars together. As you probably expect, shipping a car by itself tends to cost much more than shipping it with others — but in most cases, it’s still much cheaper (and better for the car) to use a vehicle transport service rather than driving it.

And second, its important to make sure that everything else surrounding the transport service is taken care of. For example, many transport services make stops in larger cities, so if you need to get your car to a smaller city or town, you’ll need to make additional arrangements. Some services will pick up a vehicle right at your house, but others won’t do this (or will charge extra).

If you plan on being at the final destination to collect your car, it’s always a good idea to have a spare set of keys with you at all times (even when your car is en route). Car shipping companies will probably ask that you keep the gas level in your car low, to minimize weight and maximize safety during travel, so you might have to plan to fuel up at a nearby gas station ASAP.

This is hardly a comprehensive list, but both points are definitely easily forgotten when you have so many other things on your plate. But now it’s your turn — Are there other details that people forget too often when it comes to car shipping? Be sure to let us know!
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