Two Things Corporate Relocation Services Will Handle

Ship a car

So Tom actually landed a job right out of college, which is equal parts exciting and relieving until he realizes that he has no idea how to move across the country to actually accept the job. There is a ton of things to do and each one of them presents its own challenges. Tom’s lucky enough that the company is going to hire a corporate relocation specialist to move him. Here are a couple of things off Tom’s plate so he can concentrate on buying a real suit and ties that don’t clip on.

Moving his stuff.
One of the most stressful parts about a relocation is having to pack up and move, and the farther the distance, the more stressful the move is going to be. Tom wants to focus on where he’s going to be able to get a fresh hair cut and where he’s going to be able to get take out from every night (he has a real job now and can afford it — no more Ramen dinners). He’s probably going to have to pack his own things, but the corporate relocation specialist is going to have his belongings moved to his new location, which is a good thing since Tom has never driven a moving truck before.

Moving his car.
The best part about not having to move his car is because it probably won’t survive the trip across the country. Corporate relocation specialists often use car shipping companies for vehicle hauling to get the cars where they need to go. What does this mean for Tom? He doesn’t have to put those miles on his already decrepit car, pay for all the gas it’s going to take to get there, or worry about trying to navigate America’s highway system. All Tom has to do is buy a plane ticket.

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