DIY Plastic Bumper Repairs

Unlike vintage cars, today’s modern cars are designed to break under pressure. Although this may seem like a design flaw or a way to make manufacturing vehicles cheaper, it also has safety uses. Cars that break and crumple on the outside take more of the force of an accident than older cars that show little signs of damage after an accident. By distributing the force of a collision through the frame, these modern cars reduce the severity of injuries to drivers and passengers.

That being said, this means you may have to do a few plastic bumper repairs across the lifespan of your vehicle. While there are services that will do this work for you, you can also do it at home.

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Since the plastic covers over your bumpers aren’t structural, you don’t have to worry about their functionality after an accident. Instead, you can focus on cosmetics.

You should be able to fix a cracked bumper with a rotary tool and some epoxy. The video posted above shows the process in detail. First, you want to shave away the underside of the cracks to create a v-shaped groove in the bumper. Then, you can fill that groove with epoxy and let it set.

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