The Right Way to Pave a Parking Lot

How do you pave a parking lot? The installation of a new parking lot or repaving an existing parking lot is a large investment in time and money. This video gives a brief overview of the process of using parking lot pavers.

Paving on top of existing damaged asphalt, or a soft surface is never a good idea. The asphalt will most certainly fail, and fail pretty quick! In some cases only months after installation.

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Cracks reflect back up through an asphalt overlay at a rate of 1″ per year. If a contractor does not prep properly,within 2 years all the cracks the overlay just covered will pop back up. This is locally termed “reflective cracking”.

In order to create a solid base for a new asphalt installation in areas of compromise, it is necessary to remove any existing asphalt down to the sub grade. Once the asphalt is removed the sub grade is inspected for area of compromise.

The sub base is the single most important part of your new asphalt installation. If your sub base is unstable, your parking lot will be unstable. It’s very simple. Base materials are the support or foundation to your new parking lot. It need to be installed right the first time.


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