3 Ways to Keep Luxury Car Repairs in Check

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Luxury cars may be superior to standard ones, but they still need repairs sometimes. Here are three steps you can take to make sure you’re taking care of both your car and your pocketbook:

  1. Do your research when buying:
    If you’re already needing repairs, it may be too late for this step. But if you’re investigating your first luxury car, know that luxury vehicle repair costs aren’t the same across all luxury manufacturers; Porsche repair costs may not be the same as BMW service costs. Forbes reports that certain Audi and Mercedes models cost more in repairs than their counterparts. Many newer luxury models are also being covered by increasingly generous warranties, so investigate them thoroughly to cut down on future repair costs.
  2. Find a qualified mechanic:
    Anything you pay in luxury vehicle repair costs is going to pale in comparison to what you paid for the vehicle itself, so take care of your investment. There are 701,100 auto mechanics in the U.S. according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and not all of them will be qualified to do luxury repairs. Car repair costs are almost always worth paying, but this is particularly true for high-value vehicles. This also means it’s well worth finding a mechanic who is certified to work on your car. This may mean visiting a luxury vehicle center, but you should check service shops in your area as well if you’re hoping to shave a little off the price. Also make sure that you have a regular checkup if you’re having repairs done: A staggering 77% of American cars are in need of maintenance and repairs, and their owners may not always be aware of it.
  3. Make sure you’re not paying more for the word “luxury”:
    Individual repairs will likely cost more on a luxury car than its non-luxury counterparts. But when you’re getting car repair estimates, make sure that if you’re paying higher costs, it’s either because the car’s parts cost more than non-luxury parts or because your mechanic has invested in additional education to be able to service your make of car. The good news is that well-engineered cars should require less service, so you’ll be paying less in the long run.

Have you owned or worked on luxury cars? What should first-time buyers know before venturing into the luxury market?
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