Nine Outrageous and Shocking Do-It-Yourself Car Repairs

If your car breaks down, you’re going to need to find a mechanic shop near me to help you. Your needs will depend entirely on your situation. Some cars need to be serviced at certain dealerships or types of shops. Your Volvo may need to go to a Volvo car repair garage for specific problems. In this case, you’ll need to research your options to find one that will work for you. If your car is broken down in your driveway, you’ll need a mechanic that comes to you. Not every garage will offer this, so look specifically for a mechanic that comes to your house. If this has an extra charge, you’ll want to be aware of that.

You can save yourself time, money, and stress by doing some research in advance. If you don’t need a mobile auto repair right away, you can take your time comparing shops and services. Then, when the time comes that you do need repairs, you’ll have several options already researched. You can choose the best one and go straight there.

Jaguar service center

The United States auto repair industry is expected to grow 9% between 2012 and 2022. This industry generates $58 billion annually in revenue in the U.S. With so many car repair shops, it seems that every car is perfectly tuned up, but this isn’t the case. According to a recent survey, more than three out of four cars were in need of maintenance or repairs.

With the majority of cars needing service they aren’t getting, it’s a good idea to know what to look for and to know when you need to see a mechanic. Keep reading to find out some of the craziest repairs that people have tried to do themselves. If you’re worried your car might need service, talk to a luxury vehicle repair center right away. Don’t worry about the Jaguar service center costs, because you can do more damage by trying to fix it yourself.

1. Replacing a flat tire with a four-wheeler tire

    1. Cars require special tires that can handle their weight, so if you have a flat tire, don’t try to save on luxury vehicle repair costs. Spend the money and talk to a pro.

2. Using clear plastic wrap as a front windshield
This is not a good idea. It isn’t safe because you can’t see the road, and it doesn’t protect you when you’re driving.

3. Replacing windshield wipers with a stick
Not only is this an ineffective repair solution, passersby won’t appreciate it if the stick flies off and hits them in the face.

4. Using a pool toy to replace a broken bumper
It may seem like a good idea, and although it might add a pop of color to your car’s backend, it won’t protect you from any fender benders.

5. Duct taping a cracked window
This limits the driver’s visibility, so you’re much more likely to get in an accident. This is a temporary fix and you’re better off consulting with your Jaguar repair shop on this one.

6. Taping a flashlight onto the headlights
If your headlights are dim, a flashlight can definitely add some extra lighting…but it’s also likely to fall off and possibly cause some injuries in the process.

7. Installing a wagon as extra trunk space
If you’re running low on space, you might want to consider getting a new car. A wagon can fall off at any minute, and it will take your stuff with it.

8. Replacing a broken seat with a folding chair
You might get hurt doing this, and it’s not going to solve the problem.

9. Installing disco lights under the car
This doesn’t fix a problem, it creates a new one.

Do you own a luxury car and have experience working with Jaguar service centers? Do you have any advice on how to find the best Jaguar service center? If you have any thoughts on the best places to go for luxury vehicle repair estimates, or you have some crazy DIY car repair stories of your own, please let us know in the comments. See more.

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