You Lost Your Car Keys Again, Didn’t You?

UPDATED 11/12/20

When you have locked your car keys in your car yet again, you may wish you had taped your car keys against your head instead. Car access devices can help to guarantee your entry into your vehicle when your forgetfulness or the mad rush of daily living conspires to get you locked out. A key locksmith can help you unlock all kinds of locks, including your tightly locked car door.

However, while they can open any car door without a lock and key, there is bound to be some damage inflicted during the process.andnbsp;The tell-tale scratches of forcing a lock open may end up costing you in the long run when you want to sell your car. You may also end up having to replace parts of your car door lock, which is not good news or cheap.

Using a car door lock guard ensures that your car door locks are protected from scratching, bending, or any other damage while Larry, the locksmith, opens the door for you (possibly for the fifth time). A car door lock guard is an adhesive strip or specially cut shape that you simply attach to the door frame, ensuring all-round protection.

So, you lost your car keys. How you lost your car keys, why you lost your car keys, when you could have possibly lost your car keys on the walk between the parking garage and your cubicle–none of this matters now. All that matters is fixing the problem, and before you bang your head against your (locked) car door, consider that you are far from alone in making this mistake. Over ten percent of drivers have been in the same keyless pickle, and the average person temporarily or permanently loses up to nine items in a single day! The key now is to get out of the “I lost my keys ahhh I’m so stupid” mentality and come up with a plan of action.

If you’re smart, that plan of action will include a local locksmith. Contrary to popular belief, locksmiths are not a prohibitively expensive “drastic measure.” Depending on the kind of lock you have, lock out services after you lost your car keys will probably cost no more than $200. Locksmiths are also trained not to damage or destroy your property in the process, whereas your uncle Vito with the crowbar and the prayer is a different story. Furthermore, locksmiths generally are able to provide speedy lost key service and won’t require an eye scan or unreasonable proof of ownership before unlocking your car (though this has been fodder for many a sitcom storyline over the years). They understand that you lost your car keys and thus can’t get into your glove compartment at that precise moment to show them your insurance information! Often a photo ID will do in the moment with a local locksmith service, and once your locked door problem is fixed, you and the locksmith can figure out where to go from there.

Just remember that when you lose your car keys (or if you lost your car keys just now for instance, and are doing a panicked Google search on your Android to figure out what to do), try to keep your cool. Help is only a phone call away.

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