Why You Need Classic Car Insurance

It goes without saying that car insurance is very important, but for classic cars, basic car insurance does not provide you with the same advantages that classic car insurance does. In this video, the reasons why you should opt for classic car insurance are given.

The video dives in headfirst to list and explain the numerous differences between basic car insurance and classic car insurance. Included in that list are agreed value, track days, and $0 deductibles where, in the latter, you do not have to pay a single cent if you have been in an accident – even if you are at fault.

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Other pros include travel coverage, choosing your own repair shop, and more.

As a follow-up to these pros of classic car insurance, the video does provide a few cons so that you are well informed about this type of insurance, like the fact that you have a limited time to use your vehicle. To soften the previous con, the video has a couple of fun ways to enjoy your car and bring in extra pocket money when it is not in use.

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