What You Need to Know About ATV Shipping

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You finally got to move into the country after divorcing your city slicker wife who would never agree to doing it while you were still married. You have a huge old farmhouse and a few acres of land (not all of them wooded). Another benefit of being divorced from the ex, besides finally being free from hearing her incessant nagging, is that you can also finally buy that all terrain vehicle you’ve been waiting for. You can cruise all around the property as long as you want to, and give the kids one more reason they like dad’s house better.
When you finally do buy the ATV you’ve been waiting for, one of the biggest things you’ll have to worry about is actually getting it. Even if you know a nearby place unless you have a huge truck (and you don’t since your ex made you buy a Volvo sedan because “it’s practical”) you’ll have no way of hauling it to your house. You might have found the cheapest version of exactly the ATV you want, but it’s in the next state. If you can’t pick it up yourself you need some heavy equipment transportation. There are plenty of ATV shipping companies out there to get your new vehicle to you. If you’re wondering about ATV shipping rates, it really depends on the weight of the ATV and the distance you need it shipped. If you’re wondering about delivery time, it can take anywhere between days and months, depending on which of the ATV shipping companies you choose to hire. If you’re worried about the safety of your new purchase, rest assured because the U.S. Department of Transportation requires all car shipping companies to have both cargo and liability insurance.
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