Looking for a New Car? Buy a Used One Instead

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The average vehicle in the United States will have likely have 3 owners throughout it’s lifetime. Traditionally, this may not seem like a positive fact, especially if you have the possible of being the second or third owner. However, used cars often have a number of advantages over new cars; for this reason, the U.S. used vehicle industry generates an estimated $101 billion in revenue and has as many as 126,097 dealerships offering used cars for sale. Still not convinced? Read on learn why you should start buying used cars.

If you compare used cars with new cars, one of the most prominent differences is the relationship between price and value: the average price of a used car in the United States is an estimated $14,375, compared to costs starting around $20,000 for a new car at the very least. Of course, used cars’ prices are expected to be lower; however, the difference in the value of used cars compared to new cars is dramatic. Because the value of a new car depreciates rapidly, by purchasing a used car, drivers effectively avoid the dramatic loss of value that occurs within the first 12 to 18 months of driving a new car. This also often means that used car buyers can find relatively new and good used cars at affordable used car prices.

By buying a used car instead of a new car, drivers also have access to a wider selection of brands and models than new car dealerships offer. While new car dealerships are typically focused on a specific brand and year, used car dealerships allows you to compare used cars of a variety of different styles, colors, brands, and more, all at more affordable prices. And while used cars often have a reputation of being low quality or lacking popular features, many used cars are in excellent condition and are modern enough to offer a variety of modern gadgets: in fact, contrary to popular opinion, almost 50% of the used vehicles for sale in the United States come equipped with air conditioning.

Today, there are an estimated average of 3.3 million used vehicles for sale at any time in the United States. And while an estimated 40.5 million used vehicles were sold in the U.S. in 2012 alone, the selection is constantly growing as new cars are added to the market and families outgrow their trusty vehicles. If you need a car, don’t waste your time or money searching for a new car; instead, head to your local used car dealerships to compare used cars available near you.
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