What Should Go into a Customized Motorcycle?

How to customize a motorcycle

customizing motorcycles

According to the Bureau of Transportation, motorcycle sales have steadily increased over the past 10 years. As of 2012, there are an estimated 9 million motorcycles registered in the United States. Unfortunately, too many other motorists do not keep an eye on motorcycles. If you want to avoid serious accidents, look into custom handlebars for motorcycles or custom helmets for motorcycles. Custom made motorcycles can feature a variety of other safety features, including headlight modulators. Fuel tank mounted airbags have been designed to moderate the risks involved with motorcycles.

The Department of Transportation recommends that all U.S. motorcycle riders use a DOT certified helmet while riding. Motorcycle gear is often made of leather, and other durable materials that will protect skin from contact with heated parts of the motorcycle, or the road. There are a variety of equipment options for those hoping to ride safer. Boots can prevent or reduce harm to their feet and ankles while riding and in the event of a crash. The most common form of armour is high density foam panels fitted into the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees of motorcycle PPE clothing. The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider’s head during impact, and some countries, a helmet is mandatory.

The DOT recommends that riders always check for “NO ZONES” on large vehicles. This is the vehicle’s blind spot, meaning that the driver cannot see motorcycles driving behind or next to them. If you want to know how to customize a motorcycle, make sure to know which parts are best for modification. Crash bars are common cruiser-type bikes. They are designed to protect a riders legs from a rollover and in glancing contact with other vehicles.

If you are checking into customizing motorcycles, make sure to know the safest parts that can help you in case of accident. If you are looking into customizing motorcycles, check out the safety equipment available to you. Find the right parts and equipment and enjoy your new motorcycle. Research more here.

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