Find the Right Hose Clamps for Your Professional Use

Hose clamp tool

Do you work in the field of plumbing? Perhaps you run your own car garage. In either case, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal adjustable hose clamps among them. Hose clamps were first introduced in 1921 by Lumley Robinson, who was a Commander in the Royal Navy.

Today, there are many different hose clamp types to choose from, made from different materials, and the kind you choose will depend how you need them to function. They could range from fuel hose clamps to radiator hose clamps. A spring clamp consists of a metal spring with parts that protrude out. In a wire hose clamp, a sturdy wire is formed into the shape of a “U.”

There are of course some general rules that are good to follow when using hose clamps. Here are a couple of them. If the hose you are using is at least one half of an inch in terms of diameter, it makes sense to have a screw clamp. And when a hose is blocked up in the clamp, it is unwise to cut the hose out. This may ruin the integrity of the barb and result in a leak.

If you have questions, comments, or tips about hose clamps in general or fuel hose clamps specifically, you may share them in the section below.

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