What Is Your Favorite Kind of Hose Clamp?

Military clamps

It is often the smallest of things that lead to success or failure. The second it takes to realize that the car coming from the other direction did not stop at the red light. The last minute breeze that pushed you up the hill on the final stretch of your first half marathon. The heavy duty hose clamps that your dad insisted you use when he helped you install the new washer and dryer in your first home.
Your awareness of the other driver, helped you avoid what could have been a devastating accident. The extra gust helped you reach the top of that last incline which gave you enough energy to cross the finish line smiling. And those hose clamps avoided a major water disaster when the washing machine began to malfunction.
The attention to detail, in fact, is often what separates the biggest successes from the most devastating failures.
Stainless Steel Hose Clamps Are Often Recommended for Many Household Tasks
Whether you are looking for a number of large hose clamps to join together to use for a project in the basement or you are looking for one of the smallest types of hose clamps for a science experiment with your kids, many experts recommend the use of stainless steel clamps whenever possible. While the plastic models may be less expensive, many plumbers, car mechanics, and hobby enthusiasts believe that a stainless steel hose clamp is more reliable.
Fortunately, hose clamps are available in a wide array of both materials and sizes. Screw hose clamps, for example, are widely used for a temporary option for fixing damaged pipes quickly in emergency situations. At other times, a hose clamp can even be used as a replacement for heavy duty zip ties or duct tape. In fact, it would be difficult to go into the shop of any mechanic, plumber, construction worker, or even a home garage and not find some kind of hose clamp.
And while many people find themselves looking for a specific clamp for a specific purpose, the reality is that many hose clamps can serve a temporary purpose even if they are the wrong size or type. Hose clamps are typically limited to fairly moderate pressures, so they are most frequently used in automotive and home applications. They are likely what holds the important parts of the lawn mower’s fuel system in place and what holds the radiator hose in your vehicle where it needs to be. Invented in 1921 by a former Royal Navy Commander named Lumley Robinson, it is difficult to imagine a tool that is more important to the success and functionality of any home plumbing system or automobile than a hose clamp.

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