Two Helpful Ways to Find the Best Motor Oil

Api motor oil standards

Did you know that one gallon of used oil can produce 2.5 quarts of new, high-quality lubricating oil? In addition, two gallons of properly-recycled oil can power the average home for a full 24 hours. Oil is a versatile and valuable resource, which is why it is used in vehicle engines. All combustion engines require motor oil, but not all oils are designed to work properly in each vehicle. As a result, it is important to determine which type of oil is right for your vehicle, and there are two ways to discover the best motor oils.

1. API. The American Petroleum Institute, or API, sets standards for motor oil. API uses a rating system to determine which motor oils work properly in vehicles, and these API oil ratings help prevent drivers from choosing substandard oils. Fortunately, API-approved oils can be found online, and when drivers buy motor oil online, they are provided with the best motor oil available.

2. SAE. The Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, also grades oils. However, while the API rates oils based on the overall quality and performance of the oil, SAE grades oils based on their viscosity. SAE viscosity gradings include numbers such as 5, 10, and 20, and they are often followed by the letter W. Many car manuals suggest different types of oil based on their viscosity gradings, and you are able to buy motor oil online based on these specifications.

Although the United States only re-refines 10-15% of motor oil, most vehicles need this substance. However, each vehicle requires different types of oil, so the API and SAE have developed their own rating systems to help you find the best oils for your car. By utilizing these resources to your advantage, you will be able to buy motor oil online and use this oil in your vehicle. Read this for more:

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