Tips for Keeping Your Auto Carpet Clean and New

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Do you remember when you first purchased your vehicle? The leather smelled new, the exterior was shiny, and the carpeting was free of stains and debris. For some reason, it seems as if, almost immediately, the car?s carpet becomes dull and worn. Frequent weather changes can put a lot of wear and tear on the flooring of the vehicle. The faded, worn, and dirty carpet makes the vehicle appear older. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the look of your carpeting, without having to entirely replace the vehicle.

Protect it from the start
The best way to prevent worn vehicle carpeting is to protect it from the start. Purchase custom fitted floor mats that can be easily removed and replaced. When they get dirty or stained, you can simply pull them out and clean them. The carpet underneath the customized mats never gets touched and should you ever decide to remove the temporary mats, it will look brand new underneath. Additionally, many of these custom mats are made out of plastic, making them much easier to properly clean. The car is consistently dirtier than the home, having 17,000 times more bacteria, according to a study done by GAP Enviromicrobial Services.

Purchase restoration carpet
Although it would be nice to protect the carpet in your vehicle from the start, this is not always an option. Perhaps you are already left with dirty and stained carpet and protecting it would offer little improvement. Restoration carpet is the service of replacing your current auto carpets. Custom replacement carpet services pull out your old and worn carpet and replace it with a similar, but newer material. Once you have the restoration carpet service completed, you can then opt for a customized protection mat to protect your new floors.

Avoid dirt and industrial roads
You will find that your vehicle?s interior gets dirtier when you frequent dirt roads or industrial roads. If possible, avoiding these roads can improve the condition of both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle. Also avoid following diesel cars or trucks, when possible. Instead, use the carpool lane. Its air is 30 to 50% cleaner, thanks to no trucks or buses. Changing your vehicles filter often can also prevent some of the harmful air from these areas making it into your vehicle.

Avoid eating in your vehicle
Although it is not always entirely possible, avoiding eating in your car can protect it. This is especially true if you have younger children who are messier eaters. A study by Charles P Gerba, a celebrity microbiologist, found greater number of bacteria in cars that carried children, and in places where drink or food had been spilled, because spillages provide food for bacteria. Surveys show that 70% of drivers eat or drink in their cars. Eating and drinking in your vehicle is one of the fastest ways to ruin the carpeting and classic car floor mats.

Schedule regular auto detailing services
Auto detailing is a thorough cleaning of your vehicle?s interior. It removed debris and spills that are otherwise, difficult to reach. If restoration carpet is not currently an option, a professional auto detail can be useful. Just remember, to get the most out of your professional auto detail, be sure to protect your carpet after it is cleaned. It does not take very long to dirty up a vehicle?s carpet, negating the detail that you just had done.

If you have had your current vehicle for a couple of years, it is likely that the carpet is worn. A vehicle? carpet goes through a lot of wear and tear and can hold onto many bacterial spores. It is best to protect your vehicle?s carpet from the beginning, but this is not always an option. Otherwise, you can have a full restoration carpet replacement with custom car carpet. Professional auto detailing can also help to clean your current carpet and interior.

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