The Top Three Drawbacks to Owning Audi and Volkswagen Vehicles

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It can be tough to decide how much to invest in a car and what kind of car to get. Do you want something made in the United States or something foreign? Do you want a used vehicle or a new vehicle? Would you prefer a lease? It is important to be as educated about these vehicles as possible, so here are three things you should know about Audi and Volkswagen brand cars:

1. Audi and Volkswagen Cars are Expensive to Fix

Car repair costs are always expensive, but Audi repair and Volkswagen repair are particularly so. These brands of cars are very complex, as you can see in their car repair manuals, and both require specialized parts. They cannot have generic parts used in them and also require mechanics who have been specifically trained in how to fix them. With that said, these repairs can be a bit more costly than others! If you have owned an Audi or Volkswagen in the past, though, you may be pleased to know that…

2. … They are Interchangeable

The Audi and Volkswagen vehicles come from the same parts bin which, essentially, means that they can use each others spare parts to replace their own. This information can come in handy if a parts store doesn’t have your specific brand of car’s parts in stock at the moment, or if you have another vehicle at hand that you can scavenge for parts. Even so, the parts are still expensive, so this only mitigates that a little bit and makes them a little more available. This price break only offsets the cost, however, and not the inconveniences involved in owning one, because…

3. They Require Routine Maintenance

Every vehicle should have their oil checked every so often. In the car repair manuals for these cars, though, you can see that these cars should have their fan belts and air hoses checked during every oil change at the car repair shop. This is just a bit more maintenance that costs a little extra and takes a little more time, so bear it in mind when you are considering these cars. These are high quality, high performance vehicles that may suit your lifestyle if you don’t mind the extra cost and maintenance. What do you think of them? Find out more here.

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