Shipping Your Car?

Car shipping rates

Due to modern advancements and living standards of a fast pace and globally, interconnected world, there has been a massive demand for vehicle shipping. People, for various reasons, are truly benefiting from the convenience of car transport companies. There are currently a number of car shipping companies in service, all through which you can ship a car.

Approximately 15 million cars are sold on the internet annually, many of which are shipped directly to a predetermined location decided between a client and specialized transportation services. Car shipping allows a vehicle or vehicles to be transported without adding to the mileage. This is a popular choice particularly for those who have purchased new cars online. By hiring an auto transport company, you have the option to relocate and transport multiple vehicles at the same time. This is most helpful during long distance moves, as well as for families and businesses who own more than one vehicle. Automobile transportation fees mainly depend on the required distance of travel and the weight of the vehicle. Many times, car shipping prices are significantly lower than the price of gas to drive the vehicle.

Generally speaking, there are two popularly chosen freight methods used to ship a car: open carriers and multicarriers. Open carriers used for car shipping are more affordable and less expensive that multicarriers. However, they do leave the vehicle vulnerable, open to damage from the weather and inevitable driving conditions during the transportation. Multicarriers used to ship a car are a much more affordable and feasible option, but take longer to complete the vehicle hauling.

The U.S. Department of Transportation mandates that all vehicle transportation companies have liability and cargo insurance presentable to clients. Many professional auto shippers allow customers to purchase extra insurance on their vehicles, just in case damage or wear and tear occurs during the transportation process. Regardless, if you are planning to ship a car, you should always carefully inspect your vehicle, and take note of any damage before having it transported.

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