Seven False Used Car Myths

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Used vehicles are plentiful and majority of those looking to upgrade turn to used vehicles rather than new ones. Used vehicles can be just as dependable as new ones. Chevy and Subaru used vehicles are two models which are known for their dependability and reliability throughout the years. A Chevrolet vehicle is some approximately 6.5 seconds somewhere in the word, and Chevy vehicles are currently on around 2/3 of the roads in the world. Chevrolet sold more than 4.76 million vehicles in the year 2011 alone. Of those vehicles some were new and some were used. Here are some popular myths debunked about used vehicles.

Prepare for a Stressful Negotiation

Many people brace for a stressful negotiation process when preparing to visit a used car dealer. Consumers who are equipped with proper knowledge can engage in straightforward and simple negotiations. Research used car dealerships to find comparable prices for the vehicle you want. Compare these prices with the prices at your local used chevy dealers, used subaru dealers and any other used car dealer within your area.

You Get the Best Price at a Dealership

Many dealerships draw customers in by offering pre-certified used vehicles for sale. The thought of buying a pre-certified vehicle is a comfort for some, but this service is not offered free of charge. You end up paying for this service wrapped into the price of the car.

Vehicle History Reports Protect Consumers

Look at almost any used car dealer and you will see Carfax reports as a factor used to draw in consumers. While these vehicle history reports are helpful, you should not rely solely on them. The majority of accidents that a vehicle encounters will not find its way onto one of these reports. These reports cannot warn consumers of any potential mechanical problems the vehicle could have. These reports should be used as a tool, but do not rely solely on them to protect you while buying a used vehicle.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a Waste of Money

A Pre-Purchase inspection helps you determine the true condition of the vehicle, without relying on promises of someone else. These inspections test every system within the car to ensure they are working correctly and there are no issues. These inspections are very helpful to consumers, but remember there are no set standards for these inspections. Take the vehicle you intend to purchase from a used car dealer to a trusted mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection so that you get a reliable professional opinion about the vehicle before you buy it.

I can Return the Car

Many people think that if they buy a car they have a certain amount of time to return the car. This is not the case. Once the car is bought and the papers are signed, you cannot return the car. Make sure that you thoroughly inspect your vehicle and have a professional inspect it to ensure you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Used Cars Have a Warranty

Many people assume that when purchasing a vehicle from a used car dealer that the vehicle will have some sort of warranty. Used vehicles do not automatically come with a warranty. Some used car dealers choose to offer some sort of warranty but understand this is not automatic. When a warranty is offered, thoroughly read it and be sure that you understand all the components covered, and what is not covered.

It’s a Low Mileage Car or Nothing

Yes, it is true the lower mileage vehicles are the best option, but nowadays that may not always be an available option. Instead of seeing tunnel vision with the mileage on a vehicle consider what kind of mileage it was. Highway driving miles are not as wearing as town and stop and go driving. Reliable vehicles will handle better even with higher mileage. Car dealerships are online searches are useful resources when deciding if a higher mileage vehicle should still be considered.

Used vehicles can be just as reliable as new ones if proper research is done. Don’t look over a used vehicle which could potentially save you thousands on your next car purchase.

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