Save Your Engine and Visit Car Oil Change Locations

When to change motor oil

Some people feel that they can change the oil in their vehicles on their own. Unfortunately, 200 million gallons of oil are thrown away improperly every year. This can cause environmental disasters. This is especially true when oil ends up covering water where animals live. The scum stops light from moving through the water and this kills plants. Oxygen cannot reach animals either. To help reduce the effects on the environment, individuals are wise to speak to the professionals at car oil change locations. These businesses are always willing to offer assistance when you need to get an oil change. Proper oil changes from the experts can help in many ways.

1. Oil change places know exactly how to recycle oil. They do this by placing all used motor oil in sealed containers that are later picked up by a recycling business. Recycling helps to reduce the production of new oil, because the recycling of one gallon of oil will produce one gallon of new oil. When recycling methods are not used, it takes 42 gallons of crude oil to make a little over 2 quarts of motor oil.

2. Car oil change locations know about the best motor oil to use. The mechanic will look up information on a computer to find the right type of oil that needs to be placed in your car. This information along with oil filter descriptions help to ensure that you get the oil and filter your car needs to run properly. This is vital, because motor oil helps to reduce engine heat while also lubricating the moving metal components.

3. Mechanics at car oil change locations know exactly how much oil to add to the oil reservoir. Too little oil can cause an incredible increase in engine temperature. Oil heat can increase a great deal as well when there is not enough oil moving through the engine. It can take up to six or seven quarts of oil to fill the oil reservoir, and a professional will know this to save your engine from overheating concerns.

4. Mechanics can tell you exactly when you need to get your next oil change. Oil changes from a car oil change location are required every 5,000 to 15,000 miles. This depends on the quality of oil in your car. If a performance oil is used, you will be able to drive much further without the oil breaking down or becoming caked with debris. The mileage when you need the next oil change will be supplied to you on a sticker or receipt.

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