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The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that around 200 million gallons of used oil are not properly disposed of or recycled annually. Unfortunately that can mean issues with the environment or with reintroducing used oil into vehicles. Since oil does not wear out, you can recycle it easily as a way to save a valuable resource. In fact, there are manufacturing guidelines that can be used to determine that you are getting properly recycled oil.

Using oil change locations that adhere to the American Petroleum Institute standards which support proper recycling of different motor oil types. Knowing what motor oil to use can be tricky, but fortunately each formulation is classified according to the Society of Automotive Engineers numerical grading system, so that you know what you are buying when you get an oil change. Since different formulations and grades may be more appropriate for different automobiles, it helps to understand the motor oil facts that apply to your own car. The industry standards are also in place so that are protected to get the exact oil that you have intended to purchase.

While some of the formulations have been around for quite some time, knowing what motor oil to use can also help insure that your car is running efficiently. Typically, these days we visit a fast service oil change facility that pumps new motor oil into everything using their big barrels of oil. Fortunately the industry designations and oversight rules have been put in place to assure customers that they get the exact formulations they select and are not subject to using inferior products.

As a way to insure that the suppliers and oil change facilities are in fact properly labeling their motor oils, the standards boards will test assorted samples throughout the sales chain to chemically match known formulations. If there are any discrepancies, they are addressed or the supplier and vendor face various sanctions until they comply. At the end of the day, you can be assured that your mechanic is using properly labeled or recycled motor oil in your car. Good refereneces:

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