How to Get a Good Deal On a Pre-Owned Car

Windshield replacement

Are you in the market for a new car? Before you go to the nearest dealership looking at the bright shiny new models on the lot, consider the used car. While used cars for sale are not as thrilling as the newest versions, they are a respectable option. Most vehicles will have at least three owners during their lifespan. A vehicle can pass hands through parent to child, or between friends, or of course by being sold back to a dealership. Read below for what you need to know about pre owned cars for sale.

There is a myth about many previously owned vehicles, and it is this: not one car you will look at has only been used once a week to pick up groceries. Let’s dispel that right away. The body of the car will tell a more accurate story than the salesperson will tell you. For example, brakes will last between 25,000 miles and 50,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and how it the driver operated it. So, even if the salesperson insists everything is in great working order, if you are inspecting a vehicle that is getting close to or just past the 50,000 mile mark, it would be a good idea to ask about replacing the brakes. If the breaks were recently switched out for a new set, ask to see the receipt. No receipt? Ask to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic of your choosing.

Pre owned cars for sale are not a bad deal. The catch is that you need to be vigilant about inspection. Taking a vehicle you have yet to buy to an auto body shop may seem like more trouble, but it will actually save you trouble down the road. Even an inspection from an auto repair shop will likely cost you less than purchasing a brand new car. If a problem does present itself, you can discuss who will pay for the repair with the current owner. They may offer to pay for the fix, or perhaps they’ll offer to lower the price.

Replacing the brakes or a windshield replacement are repairs that should not be delayed. Smaller cosmetic scratches and dents are unsightly, but not damaging to the engine or body in a way that will effect performance. It may not be glamorous, but pre owned cars for sale made up about 38 million vehicle sales in 2015, according to the Used Vehicle Market Report. Buyers are making the decision to buy reliable vehicles that will get them where they need to go, although perhaps in slightly less style.

A brand new vehicle in a shiny color is frankly expensive, and its value drops as soon as you sign for it. The pre owned cars for sale on the other hand have a determined value, but you may be able to negotiate the final price. The choice is yours of course.

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